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New Secrets for iPhone

Do you love your iPhone? Then here's your chance to learn amazing new features about your device sure to impress with the hottest, best and most advanced ...

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Do you love your iPhone? Then here's your chance to learn amazing new features about your device sure to impress with the hottest, best and most advanced iPhone Tricks App. New Secrets for iPhone covers amazing tips for all versions of the iPhone - the iPhone 4®, iPhone 4S®, & the iPhone 3GS® - meaning whichever iPhone you have, this cleverly designed book gives you a huge array of tricks and tools to getting the most from your iPhone. NEW SECRETS FOR iPHONE FEATURES: - Over 200 iPhone tips & tricks, making the guide the biggest and most comprehensive iPhone Secrets Guide available. - Like, Comment & Share your favorite tips via Facebook & Twitter. For Free. - Crisp & Beautifully presented with High Resolution graphics and in a style that makes reading the book a delight. - Amazing tips for the original iPhone, the iPhone 3GS, the iPhone 4 and the iPhone 4S. (And the iPhone 5 Soon). - Perfect for Beginners, Intermediate or Advanced iPhone Users. SOME OF THE TRICKS YOU'LL FIND IN NEW iPHONE SECRETS: - Tricks to increase your iPhone battery life. - Learn how to watch videos from your iPhone on your Television. - Learn how to use the Emoji keyboard to text custom emoticons to your friends and family. - Discover how to create custom vibrations for each of your contacts. - Edit Photos with the iPhone's amazing built-in software. THE PERFECT COMPANION FOR YOUR iPHONE New Secrets for iPhone is the perfect companion for your iPhone and includes free lifetime updates. Meaning, whenever a new iPhone or Operating System is released, you'll always have the latest and most amazing iPhone tricks in the palm of your hand. USER REVIEWS Here's what some of our users are saying about New Secrets for iPhone: - Learned SO MANY new things; and I thought I already knew a lot!!! Great layout and easy to interface!!! ............... - This app has great graphics and the user interface is very simple. It has comprehensive tips and tricks for your iPhone. This makes an ordinary iPhone user to a semi iPhone techy geek. Well worth the 99 cents! ............... - This is the must-have app for iPhone users looking to get the most out of their device and learning how to use the iPhone to its full potential. ............... - As a first-time iPhone user, I have to say that this app is definitely the most informative one I’ve downloaded yet. It has tons of iPhone tricks that even my friends (who are long-time iPhone users) aren’t aware of. I also love that it’s written in plain English and easy to understand. Highly recommended! ............... Note: - Requires iOS 4 or later. - Runs on iPhone 5®, iPhone 4®, iPhone 4S®, iPhone 3GS®, iPod Touch® 3rd or 4th gen, iPad®, and iPad 2®. ******************************* Don’t forget to rate New Secrets for iPhone 5 stars for more great updates! *******************************


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