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''News Oasis'' is an application which allows users to read newspapers on screens with the same layout as on actual papers. Delivery times for news varies ...

Discontinued App


''News Oasis'' is an application which allows users to read newspapers on screens with the same layout as on actual papers. Delivery times for news varies among newspapers while there will be no delivery service on newspaper holidays. This application is compatible with the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad and our service will be optimized for each device. You can access the newspapers subscription screen from personal computers as well. (URL=https://newsoasis.kyodonews.jp/) For individual users, please select the subscription period for each newspaper on the subscription page (you can subscribe to multiple newspapers at the same time) and we will deliver newspapers for the period of subscription. You are also able to add preferred newspaper or newspapers on your subscription list later. Manual of the application ■''My Page'' window will appear on the screen when a device is booted up first. ''Subscription'' button: It will take you to the subscription page of newspapers. Please start your registration process as a new member from the banner ''For new members.'' After completing your registration process, please select newspapers you would like to take and confirm the price and subscription period before applying for the subscription. Newspapers you subscribe to will be automatically downloaded upon startup of the device after completing the application process. *Reminder: As for customers who registered from PCs, it is necessary to re-log in from mobile devices with the registered IDs and passwords for the devices to be registered for the services. {Newspapers Under Subscription}: Able to read purchased newspapers. {Sample}: Able to read samples of newspaper articles. {Screen Setup for Newspaper Articles}: Able to change the size of letters. ■Menu will appear on the screen for several seconds by single tapping the newspaper image. ・[List] button: It will change the screen layout to thumbnail displays and customers are able to pick and choose displays for newspapers. By clicking on tabs below, you are able to switch newspapers in case you are a multiple newspaper subscriber. If you subscribe to two or more newspapers, you can switch tabs by clicking the [] buttons. ・[Search] button: Search words or phrases in articles. ・[] buttons: Display previous and following pages. ・Icon button on lower right on the screen: Jump to ''My Stand'' page. ■ Handling of newspaper images - You can enlarge images in three levels by double tapping on a screen. - You can enlarge or shrink images freely by using pinch in/pinch out techniques. - You can go back to the full page display from the enlarged display by shaking the device. - You can move diagonally on an article by using scrolling or flicking techniques. - You can turn the page by strongly flicking on corners of an article. - Articles will revolve when you turn the iPhone/iPad to the side. - You can pick out an article by pressing on the article you wish to read for three seconds. ■ Manual for menus on article image page - [Search] button: Search words or phrases in articles. - [Setup] button: You can change size of letters and place of photos in an article.


Technical specifications

Version: 1.1

Size: 1.87 MB


Price: 0,00 €

Developed by KyodoNews

Day of release: 2010-12-23

Recommended age: 4+

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