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Nihongo Ganbatte Hiragana

Nihongo Ganbatte Hiragana is a Hiragana learning application, with a nice catchy tune, and quick response. It is both challenging and fun. Good Luck ...

Discontinued App


Nihongo Ganbatte Hiragana is a Hiragana learning application, with a nice catchy tune, and quick response. It is both challenging and fun. Good Luck With Japanese Hiragana (The English Title) is an app that will help you learn Hiragana and Romaji. Purchasing this app, will give you greater learning speed and help you instantly jump to the right answer, by training both your brain and response time. Never let similar Hiragana characters confuse you, and become a quick response expert at reading both Hiragana and Romaji. Because this Good Luck With Japanese Hiragana app is design to help you master Hiragana - if you are a student learning, it will help you breeze though simple Hiragana test. Though Good luck With Japanese Hiragana does not teach advance Japanese, it is a tool to help bridge and memorize Hiragana in a challenging and fun way. You can also save your Highscore, and see if your classmates or friends can beat you. It is an app designed for everyone from beginners with no knowledge at all to professionals who want to see how fast they can respond Romaji to Hiragana. Play or use it 5 mins a day, on the bus, on the train, or use it for 30 ~ 45 minutes at a time, any more and you might exhaust yourself, but please do if you wish. You will only get better with time and practice and you will notice the difference! A highscore chart lets you save your score like a traditional arcade game, so you can compete with family and friends! Learning a new language can be a daunting task, but yet so very rewarding. Not only do you get to try new media content from another language, but you get to experience a new world, whether on holiday or through creative content. Your life will only improve by being opened up to an entirely new world. With Good Luck With Japanese Hiragana you will be on your way! Ganbatte Kudasai! A Word From the Developer: " If you have tried to learn Japanese you might of been surprised to have found out that there are few similar characters such as, ka ga -> かが you might even have difficulty in reading and memorizing. As a developer of Good Luck With Japanese Hiragana, I found I had been stuck imagining the character gyu which then I would picture (in my head) gyo (the next up, like an alphabet), then I wondered what they looked like, and to find that, I would think of the next character up, and count back down. Imagine if I asked you what comes before the alphabet Q, some of us might have to start reciting from A to Q . But Good Luck With Japanese Hiragana, helps remove that unnecessary memorization technique and instead immediately helped me respond with the right answer. For me, this allowed me to immediately associate gyo with ぎょ and is so far working well with the rest of the Hiragana chart." How to play/use: Click on the Hiragana characters that is associated to the equivalent Romaji. Sometimes the Hiragana characters will take a long time to appear, so if you miss your chance you might have to wait (This imposed characteristic, will teach you to react fast when you see the right choice, so that you do not miss your chance... a very beneficial habit to have in all parts of life).


Technical specifications

Version: 1.4.0

Size: 20.62 MB


Price: 0,00 €

Day of release: 0000-00-0

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