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You want to have the motivation to finish your projects and tasks. You want to set higher goals for yourself, and actually reach them. You`re ...

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You want to have the motivation to finish your projects and tasks. You want to set higher goals for yourself, and actually reach them. You’re tired of making excuses and procrastinating, and you want to make a change. We all want to feel accomplished and fulfilled, but sometimes it’s too easy to rely on excuses and put things off. I’m here today to tell you that you have the power to change. You can be proactive. It’s time to eliminate excuses from your life and start being successful right now. “No More Excuses - Get It Done (Self-Hypnosis & Meditation)” helps you to put those same old excuses to rest and get motivated for success. This program is about removing limiting beliefs and helping you move past the “reasons” that prevent you from achieving your goals, so that you can get to the business of creating success in all of the areas of your life. In turn, you’ll improve relationships will all of the people in your life who are counting on you. You have the power to accomplish your dreams, and it all starts today. With this hypnosis program from Amy Applebaum (world-renowned life and business coach, NLP trainer, Hypnotherapist and Time-line Therapist) learn how to adopt empowering beliefs that will increase your focus and motivation to reach your goals and become successful. The “No More Excuses - Get It Done (Self-Hypnosis & Meditation)” application is completely customizable with the following features: * Made specifically for your iPhone, iPod Touch, or your iPad (must have iOS 3.0 or higher) * Soothing, therapeutic hypnosis/hypnotherapy tracks from Amy Applebaum * High quality, state of the art recordings * Optional hypnosis instructions that can be opted out of once you have learned how hypnosis works * Your choice of a short or a long hypnosis induction * Your choice of one of four different soothing, white noise background sounds to enhance your hypnosis, or none at all * Loopable (play up to 10 times in one session) full-length featured hypnosis track * The option to wake you up when the program has finished, or * Use our built-in alarm clock to wake up at a particular time, or * Program the app to allow you to remain asleep after completing hypnosis. * Customized video options


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