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Noble Quran Quiz

Dear Brother / Sister: Assalam alailkum wa rahmatullah (Peace be upon you all). Please keep the following points in your mind before you start playing ...

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Dear Brother / Sister: Assalam alailkum wa rahmatullah (Peace be upon you all). Please keep the following points in your mind before you start playing the game. This noble game is for helping us remember the meanings of almost 120 words which occur more than 40,000 times in the Qur'an. The game teaches you only the basic meanings of the words. These words are used frequently in spoken Arabic too and constitute almost 40% of any day-to- day routine talks. Why not learn to 'talk to Allah' before we 'talk to or listen to people!' You will answer the meanings in 10 steps (or 10 sets of words). Each step contains around 12 words. You will answer the meaning of one word only even though the count as well as its various forms such as plural or feminine gender or other tenses in case of verbs. For prepositions, the count includes the cases when they come with 8 attached pronouns shown in the Word List No. 3 (as explained in the short course). Play this game again and again until you get completely familiar with these extremely precious Qur'anic words. Everyone can play this game. It is not for children only. Remember! The words taught here are equally important for everyone of us. Children have at least some time left in their life to learn. What about the elder ones? Are they not approaching their end fast! So, they need to learn it even quicker. Award your children who score 95% by giving them a really nice gift. It will show them that you care about learning and teaching Qur'an! It will be very helpful if you go through the short course and then play this game. Those who have not gone through this course can still play it because most of the words are familiar to a person who knows different parts of Salah. As an additional help, you may browse through the 15 WORD LISTS which contain all the words along with their meanings. This will serve as a reminder for those who have gone through the short course and a learning material for those who are starting with this game itself. An example along with its translation is also given for each word in the word lists. However, no example is given for some words which were taught under grammar part in the short course. They are also used as First and Second clue while you play the game. The number on the right side of each word in the Word Lists shows the number of times it occurs in the Qur'an. As far as the verbs are concerned, the number includes all the occurances in the Qur'an of basic tri-literal forms of the verb in addition to the active and passive participles and the verbal noun. SIGNS: mg: Masculine gender; fg: Feminine gender; sg: Singular; pl: Plural; :: means that the example is not from the Qur'an. For the complete course (along with power point slides, video files, audio files, 3gp mobile video files, lessons and worksheets, quizzes, and the final exam, please visit www.understandquran.com and go to the short course section. Please give your feedback and suggestions or discuss the ways of teaching Qur'an at www.understandquran.com


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