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Nobody in a Small Town

《小镇上的小人物》是degoo推出的电子书,让你在阅读的时候有身临其境的感觉。内容介绍:作者是一位自由画家,偶然的机会来到一个奇特的小镇上,在那生活了3年,感受那里的各种奇特的人们奇特生活方式,每个人都是精彩有趣的,这深深的吸引了作者,于是把这些人物们画下来带回来与大家分享 《Small persons ...

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《小镇上的小人物》是degoo推出的电子书,让你在阅读的时候有身临其境的感觉。内容介绍:作者是一位自由画家,偶然的机会来到一个奇特的小镇上,在那生活了3年,感受那里的各种奇特的人们奇特生活方式,每个人都是精彩有趣的,这深深的吸引了作者,于是把这些人物们画下来带回来与大家分享 《Small persons in a small town》is an ebook made by degoo Company. It gives you an immersive feeling in the interesting story. The content introduction: The author is a free-lance artist, who went to a weird small town. He lived there for 3 years and experienced all kinds of strange people and strange way of lives. Everyone's story there is interesting and colorful, which attracts the author deeply. Therefore, he depicted the characters and shared the story with us.


Technical specifications

Version: 1.0

Size: 25.48 MB


Price: 0,90 €

Developed by peopeo

Day of release: 2011-11-1

Recommended age: 4+

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