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Non-swimming Duck

有一只名叫伯爵çš„鸭子,他很特别,不喜欢水,一直都没有下水游过泳,他喜欢和母鸡一起洗澡、和猫咪一起爬墙、和小ç‹—一起挖地洞……有一天,伯爵从水中救起了小鸡,证明了他会游泳。可是,最后,他还是决定离开池塘,去学习飞行,寻找自己çš„快乐。 Once ...

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有一只名叫伯爵çš„鸭子,ä»–很特别,不喜欢水,一直都没有下水游过泳,ä»–喜欢和母鸡一起洗澡、和猫咪一起爬墙、和小ç‹—一起挖地洞……有一天,伯爵从水中救起了小鸡,证明了ä»–会游泳。可是,最后,ä»–还是决定离开池塘,去学习飞行,寻找自己çš„快乐。 Once there was a duck named Duke. He did not like water and never swam before, which made him very special. He liked to take showers with hens, climb over the wall with cats and dig holes with dogs. One day, Duke rescued a chicken from water, which proved that he could swim. However, he finally decided to leave the pond and learn to fly in order to seek for his own happiness.


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