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Norstedts spanska ordbok, studentversion

Norstedts Comprehensive Spanish-Swedish/Swedish-Spanish Dictionary, Students` Edition contains 120,000 headwords and phrases. The dictionary covers ...

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Norstedts Comprehensive Spanish-Swedish/Swedish-Spanish Dictionary, Students’ Edition contains 120,000 headwords and phrases. The dictionary covers modern general language as well as subject-specific vocabularies. The dictionary is for everyone who in their studies needs a modern full-coverage dictionary from and to Spanish and Swedish. As a help to non-Swedish users you will find Swedish nouns, verbs and adjectives with their inflected forms in the Swedish-Spanish section of the dictionary. The app works off-line, which means that you don’t need to be connected to the Internet once the app is downloaded. The dictionary has been developed by Norstedts, the well-known Swedish publishers with a long tradition of quality dictionary publishing.


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