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Easy Globe - ultimate geography learning platform for kids and adults. We have all the maps - physical, political, cities, rivers, relief, islands... ...

Discontinued App


Easy Globe - ultimate geography learning platform for kids and adults. We have all the maps - physical, political, cities, rivers, relief, islands... Does any other app in the App Store have them? This is the Easy Globe North America,an interactive map, a game and a powerful tool for learning geography for everyone! Explore North America, see the countries, cities, islands, penninsulas, highlands... It's all in here, and more to come. We use only the top-quality, high resolution physical and political maps - no vector graphics. Enjoy our high-resolution relief maps, detailed political maps and beautiful artwork. Note: if you are looking for something more than maps of North America, why don't you try our main app, Easy Globe HD, and get the content for the entire World ? THE MAPS Your application comes with 11 maps of North America: 1. Continent: Relief, Islands & Peninsulas, Political, Capitals (4 maps) 2. US: 48 lower states, Major lakes & Rivers, Top 20 cities and Major Mountain Peaks! (4 maps) 3. Canada: Territories, Major Cities and The Largest Islands (3 maps) More to come! The application contains all maps of North America from Easy Globe HD, both InApp packages (US and Canada), and something extra - US Mountain Peaks! This map is currently available only in Easy Globe North America! LEARNING MODE Each of the maps can be explored - simply open it and tap the object you are interested in to highlight it, and display the details. They may be just figures, like area, but maybe you will find some interesting and unusual facts... Play around freely! Not sure what to tap ? Click the "Hot spot" button to see what's available. For any of the Top20 maps, see the ranks for the areas displayed. TESTING MODE Test your geography skills for each of the maps. Launch the "test mode" to see how good and how fast you can be, try to reach the maximum points for all of the maps. Your result will be registered for you to remember your best score. Be as fast as you can! Note: this is an English version of the application. Do you like Easy Globe North America ? Do you want more features, more content, more games... ? Mail us at support@easyglobe.pl, let us know what you like or what you don't like. Join our Facebook page to see what's new and what's coming. Find responses to your iTunes comments on Facebook! Did you found a bug ? Disagree on the content (yes, some things are not obvious ;) - send an email to support@easyglobe.pl . We promise to respond.


Technical specifications

Version: 1.0

Size: 14.8 MB


Price: 1,79 €

Developed by ClearVision Sp. z o.o.

Day of release: 2011-02-25

Recommended age: 4+

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