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Join the revolution in iPad creativity. Create projects with unlimited Notes, Drawings, Task lists, Web browsers, Maps, and Calculators. Each document ...

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Join the revolution in iPad creativity. Create projects with unlimited Notes, Drawings, Task lists, Web browsers, Maps, and Calculators. Each document is fully-featured, not watered-down mini-snippets, yet they work together fluidly in a way that makes you more productive. All in a straightforward thumbnail-driven interface. Note Hub is a unique approach to creativity on the iPad. Whereas some apps do one thing very well, and others do lots of things in a document but not with all the functionality you need, the innovative architecture of Note Hub affords it an unchallenged position where there is little tradeoff between flexibility and effectiveness. Core features - Create SIX types of documents: Text Note, Drawing Canvas, Map, Calculator, Tasks, Browser - Group your documents in projects. Archive old projects to unclutter your workspace. Search documents in a project - Full undo/redo support for all editing actions and robust saving - no lost data - All documents can be saved to be edited as a drawing document Interface - Beautiful interface including wood elements, animated page opening, understated drop shadows and text colors, and other subtle experience factors you'll notice along the way. - Full width in landscape for a huge viewing/editing space. Sharing - Email individual files - Email a complete project - Save a file to your photo library - Publish to Posterous - Publish to Dropbox Note text documents - Touch to edit, pinch to change font size - No confusing elements, buttons, or gestures helps you focus on the task at hand. Browser documents - Complete Standard web navigation - Bookmarks - Autocompletes your urls (just type "cnn" for example and we'll add the .com) - Google search field - Saves last page visited Drawing canvas documents - Draw from a selection of color/thickness/transparency styles. - Intuitive "style designer" lets you create and save your own combinations of colors etc. No losing a past style! - Eraser with variable thickness is easy to use - Add editable text notes to any canvas Map documents - Full map implementation including road/satellite/hybrid display and "Show/hide my location" - Drop pins on the map (and move existing pins). Give pins names and notes - "Journal" mode lets you see all your pins as entries in a table Calculator documents - "Document as a calculator" instead of huge buttons with small ticker tape - Give any output any arbitrary name and it becomes a defined variable you can reference in other entries - Fantastic custom keyboard helps with navigation, calculations, and includes several common functions Tasks documents - Create tasks. Set name, Importance, Due date - Sorting including an innovative, unique "Priority" sort which automatically ranks your tasks based on both due date and importance - Color coded due dates


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Version: 2.4

Size: 2.46 MB


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Day of release: 0000-00-0

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