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NoteBook Pro for iPad

Notebooks is the one and only notebook that you'll ever need. It allows you to conveniently write, capture and organize your ideas, notes, reminders, ...

Discontinued App


Notebooks is the one and only notebook that you'll ever need. It allows you to conveniently write, capture and organize your ideas, notes, reminders, journals, diaries or details of life that you want to keep close at hand. If you need to take an important note, or search for one, you'll always have the ultimate notebook at your fingertips! Notebooks stores and displays almost any document you want to carry with you: text and HTML, PDF documents, MS Office or iWork documents, web pages, photos, videos, music and even your Palm memos. Everything you would usually print out and file can now go directly into Notebooks, without adding bulk. There is one more thing: keep your task lists in Notebooks and tick off your to-dos as you complete them. Divide your projects into nested sub projects, which makes them easier to handle, and cross-reference to your reference library, which you keep in Notebooks, too. When a task reaches its due date, Notebooks' badge on the home screen reminds you of pending business, and an optional acoustic alert tries to draw your attention. Notebooks combines the power of multiple apps: - Note Taker - Text Processor - Markdown Composer - Task Manager - File Storage - Clipboard Manager - PDF Converter (including encryption) What exactly can you do with Notebooks? - Create beautifully formatted documents - Type plain text notes - Use WYSIWYG style editing - Use Markdown to create formatted HTML - Select your favorite fonts, colors and patterns - Draw sketches with your finger or a dedicated stylus - Import text, HTML, RTF, PDF, MS Office, Apple iWork documents, photos or web archives - Import iPad or iPhone Notes and Palm Memos - Create new documents from the contents of the Clipboard - Open documents from other apps in Notebooks - Import web pages from Safari - Import documents from Mail and other iPad apps - Import and extract ZIP archives - Create ZIP archives in Notebooks - Convert documents to PDF - Record Voice Memos - Manage your Task Lists and get things done - Assign due dates and alarm times - Leverage your reference library in Notebooks - Sort your tasks and documents by context - Create as many nested books as you need - Move, rename and restructure your documents and books - Sort documents by title, by modification date or by custom sort order - Search books and documents by title - Search full text of plain text, HTML, iWork, Office, RTF and web archives - Protect your confidential documents with a passcode. - Use Notebooks’ links (URLs) to cross-reference documents or books within Notebooks, or to open them from other applications. - Synchronize with Dropbox - Synchronize with WebDAV servers - Use iTunes’ File Sharing - Use Notebooks’ WiFi Sharing - Send notes and documents by Mail. - … and much much more So, whether you want to draft or outline a business presentation, type a chapter of your short-story, list your inventory, save web pages for reading later, write an entry in your diary or journal, tick off your tasks, or just capture notes and ideas on the go, you need to have Notebooks on your iPad today!


Technical specifications

Version: 1.0

Size: 19.58 MB


Price: 0,00 €

Day of release: 0000-00-0

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