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"Multimedia Note Taking and Making of note-based HD Slideshow synchronized with Text/Audio/Video" â–¶ Write diaries, minutes, conference/seminar notes, ...

Discontinued App


"Multimedia Note Taking and Making of note-based HD Slideshow synchronized with Text/Audio/Video" ▶ Write diaries, minutes, conference/seminar notes, travel notes in freestyle multimedia note form. ▶ Share great moments in HD slideshow including your message and music. You can make and send on your own a nice flash mail even with a photo, a line of message, and a word recording. ▶ Put scrolling subtitles, voice messages and BGM into HD Slideshow. ▶ Convert notes to hyperlinked PDF. ▹▹▹ Download PDF guide through the website (www.facebook.com/noteshow). ▹▹▹ Don't miss the special price ($0.99) offering until the Lite version released! ◈ [Multimedia Note Taking in Hypermedia Form] You can use all forms possible with iPhone/ iPad such as text, hand writing, drawing, figure, photo, voice, music, and video to put them down on ideal spot in ideal form, size, and numbers. Also, drawing with a highlighter pen in a form of straight line, square, arrow, and fill-up drawing is available. It’s possible to put public documents into the note in hypermedia way. ▹▹▹ supported documents : compatible for iWork, Office, PDF, RTF An audio recorder is set inside the note page. Long time and high quality of recording is available, and you can make the note at the same time during the recording. Location of recorded audio and title editing would be at your command. Embedded photos can be edited through cropping, transparency control, and filter adoption with its own editor set. You can add more pages in one page in hypermedia form, and put web URL, photo, and YouTube videos link into it. ▹▹▹ You can export notes in original one or read-only mode. Also, it is possible to export them in PDF version. ◈ [AV Slideshow with Synchronized Texts/Audios] You will enjoy and share a wonderful slideshow with background music after you synchronize each photos and videos in note with texts and audios. The order of play list of photo and video in the slideshow will be automatically tuned. It’s easy to control by touch UI method. Each text/audio can be synchronized by touch UI method with a photo or video that you want. ▹▹▹ The texts will be displayed in scrolling form with the same font and color recorded on the note when the synchronized photo or audio starts playing. You can also enjoy fantastic slideshow with unique effects such as "sketch tone", "poster", "cartoon", and "oil painting" that you haven’t seen in other slideshow players. You can download freely many competitive indie musician’s MP3 on the website last.fm and use it as background music. Own and share the slideshow after converting into a video with its resolution from the low one up to HD(1920x1080). ◈ [Backup and Security] All notes will have convenient management and backup system that any large volume is included in one file. Notes can be shared in Read Only Mode. It’s impossible to edit add/delete in Read Only notes. App security is possible by photo key mode aside from the password. Password is required when you copy note files which have been backed up in password mode to re-installed App. ◈ [Basic Guide] NoteShow consists of the below 4 modes. ▶ "notes" mode - Edit of note’s album management and title editing ▶ "note taking" mode - Insert and edit of text, audio, video, and photo - Additional inserting and editing of pages - Photo editing - MP3 download - Exporting ▹▹▹ Export in original one or read mode ▹▹▹ Export in PDF version ▹▹▹ Export after extracting and zipping the image, audio, and video files ▹▹▹ Page capture ※ If you "LongPress" in your favorable spot on the note page, insertable media menu will pop up. ※ If you "LongPress" the text, text editing would be ready. ▶ "drawing" mode - Drawing/Editing pictures, figures - Capturing a note page ▶ "AV Show" mode - Edit the play list of slideshow - Play slideshow - Select the effect of slideshow - Converting the slideshow video


Technical specifications

Version: 1.0

Size: 43.45 MB


Price: 0,00 €

Day of release: 0000-00-0

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