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Throughout 2012 and 2013, 100+ planners on MSLGROUP`s Insights Network have been tracking inspiring web platforms and brand programs at the intersection ...

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Throughout 2012 and 2013, 100+ planners on MSLGROUP’s Insights Network have been tracking inspiring web platforms and brand programs at the intersection of social data, crowdsourcing, storytelling and citizenship. We curate conversations around these projects to distill insights and foresights, and share them on our blog as weekly reports, quarterly magazines and a 10-part annual report on the future of engagement. Now, you can access all these insights in one place - on our Future of Engagement iPad app. Read the reports, view videos, access links, post comments and share content from within the app itself! A truly seamless experience! **What's Inside** 91 case studies on inspiring web platforms and brand programs - 9 case studies on Social Data - 28 case studies on Crowdsourcing - 25 case studies on Storytelling - 29 case studies on Citizenship 7 quarterly magazines, including our latest issue The Future of Employee (Re)Engagement, and previous issues Future of Citizenship and Future of Money (*magazines are in pdf format). 10-part annual report Now & Next: Future of Engagement, which highlights the ten most important frontiers that will define the future of engagement for marketers, entrepreneurs and changemakers: - Crowdfunding - Behavior Change Games - Collaborative Social Innovation - Grassroots Change Movements - Co-creation Communities - Social Curation - Transmedia Storytelling - Collective Intelligence - Social Live Experiences - Collaborative Consumption **What people are saying about our insights and foresights** "This is splendid!" - @GoodLabHK on Twitter "Nice work." - @SeanMoffitt on Twitter "Great report!" - @AlekRossi on Twitter "Mind-blowing." - @JoachimNiemeier on Twitter "Extremely relevant and interesting!" - @HorstKrieger on Twitter "Great research on the future of engagement ." - @JosieJosieg on Twitter "Nice summary of trends." - @jfinlayson on Twitter "Very very interesting resource." - @petervan on Twitter More recommendations on http://twitter.com/peopleslab/favorites


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