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Now Then is THE time tracking app for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. It helps you record and analyse what you actually spend your time doing, on a device ...

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Now Then is THE time tracking app for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. It helps you record and analyse what you actually spend your time doing, on a device you have on you at all times. Benefits: - Record the hours worked on a job, using Now Then to clock in and out with ease. - Manage your time more effectively. By keeping a record of what you actually do, you are better able to manage how much time you devote to your tasks. - Become more productive. Being aware exactly where your time is going, lets you be more effective compared to simply knowing what needs to be done next. - Use a task list that suits you. Unlike other time trackers we do not prescribe the structure of the tasks you record your time against. Our list is hierarchical and can be as flat and simple, or as deep and complex as you wish. - Quickly change the current task. Use of the keyboard is kept to a minimum. - Identify misused time. Quickly identify problem areas using colourful summary charts. - Accurately track time spent. Correctly claim for the work you actually did, with confidence. - Pay once, no recurring charges. We do not charge users ongoing subscription fees to continue using our app. - Simple and focused time keeper. Now Then is tightly focused on tracking time, and nothing else! We do not complicate the interface by trying to do too many things in one place. - Stays out of your way. You are in and out of the app quickly, with the minimum number of taps. Features: - Now View - Simple, rapid task selector for recording the task you are doing now. Simply tap to start/stop tasks (or tap on another task to switch). - Then View - Lets you see what you were doing, and when. View by day, week or month. - Chart View - Lets you immediately see the proportion of time spent on each task, or group of tasks. View by day, week or month. - User-definable Task List. - Edit Recorded Events, or add omitted ones after the fact. - Share Data and Images - Export both your data and images for further analysis elsewhere. Data is exported as CSV files which can be read by all major spreadsheets. - Universal - Runs on iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. You don't have to buy different versions to run on different devices. • iCloud sync to keep all your iOS devices up-to-date. Uses: - Project Time Tracker - Timesheet Assistant - Tracking Client Time - Study Tracker - Work Log Book or Time Card - General Activity Timer Use Now Then to become more efficient and productive today! Still need convincing? Here's what users have been saying about Now Then: ***** Now Then: best logger Now Then should have a much more glamorous name. It has exceeded all my expectations and now also serves me as a diary. So easy and quick to use. Excellent value. ***** Simple and strong I could strongly recommend this app for all who are working and would like to know on which project he or she spend the time. For me simple, quick, visual and with export possibility! 5* ***** Amazing way to know where the time goes Now Then is an amazing way for me to keep up with what I've been doing with my days as a homemaker. I am so much more productive, & the charts & graphs are awesome! Highly recommended! ***** Great app and great customer service! ***** Best time tracker Simple enough for everyday 24h use yet includes details . Excellent GTD app as follow up of your goals and dreams. ***** Great app & fast support Amazing app tried a few and none of them were up to much bought this app and well worth every penny. Asked a question to app support and got a reply within 15 mins if you need an app for times sheets or planning this is it! ***** Does exactly what it says on the tin! Works! Simple, intuitive, very cost effective time tracking app. Easy to create a hierarchy of tasks, book time to them, and report on the data. Does just what I need, support this app!


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Version: 1.2.3

Size: 3.17 MB


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Day of release: 0000-00-0

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