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Learn Portuguese! Now at a reduced price! Experience “Picture-Perfect Language Learning” with Noyo Portuguese: a powerful iPad vocabulary builder for ...

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Learn Portuguese! Now at a reduced price! Experience “Picture-Perfect Language Learning” with Noyo Portuguese: a powerful iPad vocabulary builder for beginning Portuguese learners! FEATURES -Over 1900 words and phrases, each reinforced by supporting audio, visual representation, and written translation -177 custom-illustrated scenes, packed with friendly characters and amusing scenarios -Audio by a professional voice artist who is a native Brazilian Portuguese speaker -Built-in assessment questions at the end of each unit -Check your stats--including how words learned, the time spent learning, and assessment scores--and email them to yourself or your teacher! -10 targeted units, featuring vocabulary related to: Food Ordering at a restaurant Transportation Cities Vacation activities Home and family Sports Animals School Seasons ABOUT NOYO Noyo offers you a quick and easy way to boost your Portuguese vocabulary at an incredible value. Our interactive platform helps you learn--and remember!--words by linking them to entertaining images, high-quality audio, and built-in assessment units. At the same time, engaging scenarios and comical characters transform vocabulary building from a tedious chore to laugh-out-loud fun! NOYO FOR EDUCATORS Educators know that vocabulary acquisition is a necessary step in the process of learning a new language. Too often this becomes a rote and tedious chore, eating up precious class time and losing students’ interest along the way. Noyo’s “Picture-Perfect Language Learning” platform makes this step fun and engaging and boosts students’ ability to pick up and remember new vocabulary by linking words and phrases to appealing illustrations and high-quality audio. Familiar settings, friendly characters, and laugh-out-loud scenarios take vocabulary building from alienating to accessible. Noyo also encourages interactive learning and integration into existing curricula by allowing students to work individually or in groups and then email stats--including time spent on the app and assessment scores--to their teacher. Noyo can be used as a supplemental tool in the classroom or at home, as part of a school curriculum or independently, and by language learners of all ages. HOW TO USE NOYO Noyo is easy to use. Just tap an item within a scene to hear the Portuguese pronunciation and view a written translation of the word or phrase! When you’re finished exploring all the items in the scene, slide your finger across your tablet’s screen to access the next scene in the unit. At the end of each unit, track your vocabulary-learning progress by answering built-in assessment questions, then check out your stats by touching on the trophy. Noyo is the perfect app for beginners of all ages looking to rapidly increase their Portuguese vocabulary!


Technical specifications

Version: 1.1

Size: 106.05 MB


Price: 3,30 €

Developed by Noyo

Day of release: 2012-08-31

Recommended age: 4+

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