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Improve your mental math! Mess with your friends' faces! It's a unique, silly and - believe it or not - educational two-player game! The most fun way ...

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Improve your mental math! Mess with your friends' faces! It's a unique, silly and - believe it or not - educational two-player game! The most fun way ever to practise arithmetic and improve your number skills - a rapid-fire battle of comic-style, face-mangling quizziness. Take or pick a photo and put your face in the game. Then fight it out against a nearby opponent using Bluetooth; or invite your friends online; or find a match through Game Center. ** For gameplay that doesn't require an opponent to be present, search for our other game "Face Rivals", which contains the same questions in a turn-by-turn format *** Playing the game is simple: answer three questions correctly and you get to attack your opponent's face! Choose from over 100 items to stick onto the photo, including eyes, glasses, ears and hair - or add a sound effect caption. Use a two-finger pinch to zoom and rotate things to line them up just how you want. See the screenshots to see what a mess we've made of the developers' faces! When the game is over, you can post a humiliating picture of the loser to Facebook! Number Battle is fully playable for free and includes an easy sample game in each section. You can then choose to unlock the following subjects in full using in app purchase: ... Addition and Subtraction - calculations involving 2, 3 or 4 digit numbers ... Multiplication and Division - three difficulty levels, for multiples of numbers up to 20 The following themed sticker packs are now included for free for all users! ... Spooky pack ... Pirates ... Animals ... The Holidays Also check out "Vocab Battle" by the same developer if you want to play this game to improve your SAT Vocabulary or study a foreign language! Please note: There is no single-player mode for this game. If you don't have a friend nearby to play against, use Game Center to find an opponent automatically. Alternatively, search for our other game "Face Rivals" - which contains the same questions but with turn-by-turn gameplay. The game matches minors to minors and adults to adults. Additionally, it uses facial recognition software to ensure that photos contain human faces. Please be a good sport. Choose a photo that is a good likeness of you and enjoy the silly things people do to your face when you lose! If you have any questions or comments please send an email to We cannot reply to you if you leave messages in your reviews, so please contact us first if you are having any problems. Thanks!


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