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......... A whole new way to learn numbers! ......... Have you ever met a three-eyed scientist who loves numbers? Now you can! The Number Monster is ...

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......... A whole new way to learn numbers! ......... Have you ever met a three-eyed scientist who loves numbers? Now you can! The Number Monster is here to teach you numbers 1 through 20 in her beaker-filled science lab. She needs your help with an experiment on futuristic mushrooms, and it’s up to you to bring her the ones marked with the right numbers! --- Fun and accessible for kids ages 3 and up --- GREAT CHARACTERS Kids can play on their own by following the scientist’s verbal instructions. Her peppy voice will spark them into learning mode. “Wake up!” she pipes just before she requests a new number. She’s whimsical and full of energy - but don’t get her angry with the wrong mushrooms! EASY TO PLAY With its click-and-drag interface, this game is simple to play so kids can focus on learning. Verbal cues from the monster teach the pronunciation of numbers 1-20 in ten different languages, and visual cues are also available as a game setting option. MULTIPLE LEVELS This game offers two levels. The first level teaches numbers 1 through 10, while the second level focuses on a cumulative lesson for numbers 1 through 20. COLORFUL, FUN ANIMATIONS The graphics of this game are friendly and creative. Optional visual cues show up in the scientist’s headlamp. The expressive reactions of the Number Monster add a fun, interactive dynamic to the game, and her lab is a unique environment to learn in! MULTIPLE GAMEPLAY OPTIONS Parents and teachers have the option to turn visual cues on and off to make the game easier or harder. In other words, they have the flexibility to define the parameters of the game. A GREAT WAY TO LEARN Kids will familiarize themselves with numbers 1 through 20. Furthermore, this game is available in four languages: English, Danish, Norwegian and Swedish. --- In her laboratory, the number scientist provides a fun way for kids to learn digits! --- PS! Did you like the Number Monster? Then check out all our other fun monsters: - The Color Monster: learn the colors! - The Letter Monster: learn the ABC! - The Shape Monster: learn the shapes! (FREE!)


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