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Number Valley Stories

Number Valley Stories by Kay Sandells There are nine stories in all, which cover the numbers one to ten. (In case, at this stage you think I also need ...

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Number Valley Stories by Kay Sandells There are nine stories in all, which cover the numbers one to ten. (In case, at this stage you think I also need to learn to count, I will add that Numbers Six and Seven are a single story!) Although within each one there is a subtle sub-text about the number in question, my intention was not to produce a vehicle for learning maths. They are what they say on the tin – stories - which children find engaging and which adults enjoy reading to them. The numbers live in their own community, Number Valley, and interact with each other throughout the series. Number Valley is not ruled by a king, of course, but a Count! - Count Digit, who, in keeping the numbers in order, is ably assisted by his magician Abacus and frequently thwarted by a gnome by the name of Muddlesum! The numbers are individual characters, all with their amusing foibles and idiosyncrasies. But within each story there is something a little deeper which reflects something specifically associated with the number in question - do have a look at the synopses below. Some children will latch onto this, others will not or will do so later. It doesn’t matter. The stories are, above all, to be enjoyed! They have been vibrantly illustrated by Emily McCann of Magic Pencil who specialises in children’s work and has captured beautifully the mood and humour of the stories. The Story of Number One is free, the other stories require In App Purchase. Stories Synopses Number One Poor Number One. He is the very smallest number and feels his lowly status keenly. Until Abacus appears, that is, and takes him on a long journey which helps him understand that being Number One isn’t really about being small at all. Number Two Number Two is a bit fussy. He is obsessed with things that, like him, are associated with ‘twoness’, so loves bikes and twin beds and double garages. He also tends to repeat himself! This is too much for Muddlesum who plays a rotten trick on him when he’s away on holiday – a two week holiday, of course! Number Three Number Three dreams of fame – a dream not likely to come true as he, and even his dog, are rather unprepossessing. Then he goes to Count Digit’s Birthday party, where something wonderful and surprising happens that changes his life forever. Number Four Number Four is a farmer, but during a visit something worries his friend Number Eight who wonders why his range of animals is so limited. Number Four keeps him guessing until the penny finally drops. Number Five Number Five is very angry because all the other numbers say he’s odd! He thinks he is quite normal. It takes a very patient Number Six to put him right and explain that being odd has nothing to do with being peculiar! Number Six and Number Seven These two numbers are always squabbling. Number Six is especially miffed because he can’t match Number Seven’s claim to fame as being essential to keeping the seven days of the week in order. So he hatches a cunning plan which involves a journey to Time Mountain. Chaos ensues – everything is truly at sixes and sevens! Number Eight Number Eight loves his food – and it shows! He’s altogether too rounded and determines to exercise to keep fit. However, in Number Valley he can’t find any sports with eight players. But the seven-a-side football team has the answer. He gets to keep fit and to keep order. Number Nine Number Nine is a gymnast, fond of impressing his neighbours with his antics, twisting and turning and getting in everyone’s way. But one of his exploits in Muddlesum’s garden goes badly wrong- and lands another, quite innocent, number in big trouble. It’s Abacus to the rescue again. Number Ten Number Ten has the dubious privilege of being the first number to have two parts to him. Unfortunately Number Ten is also very absent minded. One day he runs into some other numbers and can’t understand why they are laughing at him. Then he catches sight of his reflection and all is revealed!


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