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Number sense

Mathomatix: Number Sense by Punflay now introduces in-app purchase Featured by Apple in New and Noteworthy Good app for kids to get help in learning ...

Discontinued App


Mathomatix: Number Sense by Punflay now introduces in-app purchase Featured by Apple in New and Noteworthy Good app for kids to get help in learning math. - Thedirtytshirt.com I thought this game was really well done and did a good job of balancing fun and learning. - Theworkingmom.net Nice graphics - Theiphonemom.com Number Sense makes Total Sense - iphone4kids Keep your kids interested and occupied while at the same time teaching them how to count better - Slapapp.com Overall, I would definitely recommend Number Sense for any child either pre-math or during, as all the games are fun and with five games in this app, it makes it worth the few dollars! - Mamasmoneysavers.com Introducing in-app purchase with this popular app…read more for details. Download Number Sense and get the following apps in this popular series for .99 cents each! Mathomatix: Geometry: .99 cents Mathomatix: Alzebra: .99 cents Mathomatix: Measurement: .99 cents Have fun with Mathomatix: Number Sense – for kindergarteners! Number Sense is based on National and California educational standards. Take a look at all the educational and fun activities that come in this app. Booster Balls Helps kids learn counting from 1 to 30 by feeding some very adorable monsters. Don’t worry, the monsters don’t bite, but the game will definitely keep your kids occupied. Do the Dotty A simple and engaging connect-the-dots game that will help your kids recognize and memorize numbers in the right order. Oh, and don’t be surprised if they show you a moon that they have just colored blue! Numberella A super hero donkey (Drizzle is his name) is all you need to get kids to compare numbers, without objects, from 1 to 10. And yeah, Drizzle can be tickled too! Fishoonka This deceptively simple game uses a school of fish to demonstrate the concepts of greater than, less than and equal to! Your kids are gonna love the interactive environment. Toot Toot Train From Chocolateville to Licorice Lane runs a train that relies on addition and subtraction. Curious? You will simply have to play the game! Rewards You didn’t think we would leave out the rewards did you? Every game has a unique reward that your kid can add to their ‘My Stuff’ shelf and show off proudly to everyone! Mathomatix will keep your little ones entertained while developing their basic math skills, improving their concentration, and encouraging a love for all things related to math. And while your kids play it again and again, you can finally get around to that much-needed break anywhere, anytime! Features: •Kid-tested •Supplements math concepts learned in school •Blends California and National Standards •Arcade style game play •5 great games in 1 package •Giggle-inducing animations and great graphics •Rich interactive visual environment •Easy-to-use menu for kids •Images can be saved to Photos, and sent via e-mail or shared on facebook. •Fun and interesting rewards


Technical specifications

Version: 1.1

Size: 91.02 MB


Price: 0,90 €

Developed by Emantras Inc

Day of release: 2010-04-28

Recommended age: 4+

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