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Attention Nursing students, we took the same notes that you had to take for class and converted them into 2,000 Study Questions. Nursing in a Flash mobile ...

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Attention Nursing students, we took the same notes that you had to take for class and converted them into 2,000 Study Questions. Nursing in a Flash mobile review applications are designed to provide nursing students with an easy, efficient tool to learn vital nursing content on the go. This app contains no multiple choice questions, only question and answer Flash Cards for test preparation. Review content is categorized by major body systems and then further broken down into disease states to allow the user to review content pertinent to their education. The questions are geared towards providing the needed information to ace nursing exams and to build a solid knowledge foundation for the future. The psychiatric “Nursing in a Flash” module is a tool for nursing students to reinforce learning that takes place in the classroom. The flash cards cover common psychiatric conditions, medications and pathophysiology. It is designed to provide review of concepts needed to ace nursing exams. Questions are grouped into chapters and sub-categories for easy reviewing. Select any sub-category to start your review session. Your performance history and progress will be stored as you go so you can exit any time and pick up right where you left off when you come back. You can review your stats at the sub-category start screen and mastery icons will be added to each question set as you hit review milestones. This application contains over 2,000 Psychiatric Nursing Study Questions. Topics reviewed in this module include: Elderly Psychiatric Conditions Delirium and Dementias Mental Health Assmt Elderly Pediatric Psychiatric Nursing Childhood Psychiatric Disorders Mental Health Assmt Children Pharmacology Psychopharmacology Alzheimers Medications Antipsychotics and Anxiolytics Psychiatric Biology Psychiatric Assessment-Fundamentals Psychiatric Nursing Process Psych Family Assessments Psych Nursing Theories Mental Illness Classification Homeless and Mentally Ill Interventions with Groups Social Stigma of Psych Therapeutic Relationships Stress and Mental Health Psychiatric Disorders Substance Related Disorders Somatoform and Related Disorders Schizophrenia Sleep Disorders Eating Disorders Co occurring Disorders Mood Disorders Personality and Impulse Disorders Stress and Anxiety Disorders Anxiety Disorders Suicide *This application contains no advertising and does not require an internet connection.


Technical specifications

Version: 3.1

Size: 7.53 MB


Price: 2,62 €

Developed by Pterry Wave LLC

Day of release: 2010-07-13

Recommended age: 12+

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