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The Washington Post raves about NxtApp as "the perfect app for those a bit rusty on mental math." ----------------------------------------- Reached #1 ...

Discontinued App


The Washington Post raves about NxtApp as "the perfect app for those a bit rusty on mental math." ----------------------------------------- Reached #1 Educational Game in United States, Canada, United Kingdom, France, Netherlands and many other countries. ----------------------------------------- Do you want to exercise your brain? Are you ready to have lots of fun with math and numbers? Then get NxtApp now and start solving the next number in a sequence. NxtApp is an entertaining game of logic that only uses basic math operations: addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, powers, etc. NxtApp is a universal app designed for iPhone, iPod touch, optimized for iPhone 5 and runs in HD on the iPad. Buy once and it runs natively on all devices. Compete with your friends for the world record on the global leaderboards. MEDIA REVIEWS: - AppAdvice: “This is a great new math game for your iPhone. It is educational and helps you practice your arithmetic skills. So, if you are looking for a breather from a typical day of launching birds, this could be it." - Tech Powered Math writes: "NxtApp is a surprisingly addictive game for practicing sequences." - TheTechJournal: "It's nice, it's smart. The control, graphics, sound everything is perfect." - TheiPhoneAppReview: "NxtApp uses old-fashioned math puzzles to refresh your brain, sharpness.... All my stale skills are flooding back, making game play exciting and fun!" - iPhoneFootPrint: “NxtApp-Your Brain Gym-Whether you are a school going guy, a mom or grandparent; if you love testing your skills and would not mind exercising your brain, you are going to love NxtApp.” - TechnoPink: "If you are one who enjoys brain exercises and puzzles, NxtApp should be added to your list." FEATURES: - Six complete categories of different types of number sequences. - Different set of questions every time. So it never gets boring! - Game gets more challenging as you solve more questions: negative numbers, more digits, etc. - You can tackle any category at any time. No annoying restrictions! - Competitive scoring for each category. Try to beat your own best score! - Game Center-enabled so you can view other gamers scores. There is a leaderboard for each category. - You will get a “dancing” gold star for providing correct solutions to sequences. - Interactive gold star system measures your intermediate progress. - Interactive feedback: correct answer is provided so you can solve it right Nxt time. - Colorful game with fun sound effects. - Energetic background music. - You can listen to your favorite iPod playlist while playing NxtApp. - And much more! Solving number sequences is needed for most intelligence tests. NxtApp is a fun way to increase your IQ, strengthen your insight, focus your scanning skills, improve your pattern recognition capability, etc. Like us on Facebook: http://facebook.com/NxtApp Follow us on Twitter: http://twitter.com/NxtApp To protect the privacy and ensure safety of children, NxtApp: - Does not collect any information - Does not contain ads - Does not contain in-app purchases - Does not contain integration with social networks - Does not use data collection tools - Only includes links to our apps in the iTunes App Store


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Version: 1.3

Size: 8.53 MB


Price: 0,00 €

Day of release: 0000-00-0

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