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GLOBAL TRANSLATOR WITH LIVE OVER-THE-PHONE INTERPRETER SERVICE NEVER PAY FOR TRANSLATION SERVICES AGAIN!! OPI Translate is the world’s first mobile translation application combining free translation features you won't find anywhere else with Over-the-Phone Interpretation (OPI) services. OPI Service provides users with one-button access to live interpreters fluent in medical, legal, government and financial terminology -- capable of interpreting between English and over 150 foreign languages. All you do is select a language pair, tap a button and within seconds an interpreter will be there to help you with your on-site and conference call bilingual needs. It is that easy and why we say "It's the only translator you will ever need". ***FREE TRANSLATION SERVICES*** ■ TRANSLATE BETWEEN 60+ FOREIGN LANGUAGES - Over 4,200 language pairs. ■ TRANSLATION OF FOREIGN TEXT TAKEN WITH THE MOBILE PHONE CAMERA - Take a picture of foreign text and within seconds read it in your native language. 50+ languages supported. ■ VOICE-TO-VOICE COMMUNICATIONS - Speak one language…hear it in another. ■ AUDIO OUTPUT OF TEXT TRANSLATIONS - Listen to translations in High-Quality (HQ) Speech in 20+ languages. ■ VOICE RECOGNITION - Eliminates the need for typed input of source language. ■ SMS AND EMAIL INTEGRATION - Communicate with foreign friends, business associates and family. ■ CREATE CUSTOMIZED PHRASEBOOKS - Review, edit and store previous translations for use offline. ■ SOCIAL MEDIA INTEGRATION - Share translations to your Facebook and Twitter accounts. ***OPTIONAL INTERPRETATION SERVICES*** ■ PRICING - Interpretation rates are based on a small per minute usage charge. There is no set minimum - you pay for only what you use. There is also no set-up charge, no monthly fees, and no contract - you only pay when you use the service. It’s there when you need it. ■ OVER 150 LANGUAGES - Wherever you are, with whoever you are with, whatever the situation…we have an Interpreter available to help you bridge the language barrier. ■ ONE BUTTON ACCESS to live interpreters bound by strict confidentiality agreements. ■ INTERPRETER SKILLS - Each time you utilize OPI for any of our 150+ languages, you can expect a professional interpreter with cultural and linguistic proficiencies in both languages. ■ IDEAL for: ○ Individuals with occasional language interpretation needs ○ Commercial/Business - international travel, bilingual meetings ○ Hospitals - emergency rooms, ambulance services ○ Service Industries - home health care, hospitality, law, tourism, travel, medical ○ Government - human resources, entitlements, health, social services ○ Educational and Humanitarian Organizations ○ Police Departments and First Responers Find us online: www.opitranslate.com www.twitter.com/opitranslate www.facebook.com/opitranslate We'd love to hear what you think of our revolutionary product. Please write to us at: comments@opitranslate.com. Safe travels!


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Version: 1.0.2

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Day of release: 0000-00-0

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