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Obama Speeches and Analysis

Explore the words that shaped the course of history, wherever you are. Obama Speeches and Analysis, a DocNotes App, brings you the authoritative texts ...

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Explore the words that shaped the course of history, wherever you are. Obama Speeches and Analysis, a DocNotes App, brings you the authoritative texts of the U.S. president's most influential addresses with expert analysis by presidential historian Chester Pach, history professor and director of graduate studies in history at Ohio University. Discover Barack Obama through his own words, with the aid of a leading presidential scholar. A must-have app for all history lovers, teachers, and students. All DocNotes Apps are adapted from the award-winning Milestone Documents print reference series, whose combination of primary sources and expert analysis has earned high critical acclaim: “The accompanying text is clear and intelligent, making the documents themselves appear more accessible and alive to casual readers and still useful for the more serious student of history.” --Booklist starred review of Milestone Documents in American History “The signed essays are comprehensive, the writing is terrific, the research is outstanding, and the depth of analysis noteworthy.” --American Reference Books Annual review of Milestone Documents in American History Pach's analysis illuminates President Obama through each of these key speeches: -Keynote Address at Democratic National Convention (2004): This address, Obama's first to a national audience, was a rousing success and paved the way for his presidential campaign. -"A More Perfect Union" (2008): Obama earned widespread praise for this compassionate, courageous, and calm discussion of race, an issue that often produces sensationalist commentary. -"The American Promise" (2008): In this speech at Invesco Field in Denver, Colorado, Obama accepted the Democratic nomination for president. -Inaugural Address (2009): Obama's inaugural address was the most anticipated political speech of the first decade of the twenty-first century. App Features: -Authoritative texts of Obama's most influential speeches. -Critical commentary by presidential historian Paul includes Overview, Explanation and Analysis, and Impact and Legacy. -Timelines, glossaries, essential quotes, and questions for further study enhance your understanding of the speeches. -Key sources and further reading recommendations. -INSTANT search results and powerful advanced search options. -Email any document with your inline notes and colored highlights (12 color options). -Easily highlight an entire paragraph by tapping on the green + icon. -Jump to any point in a document using paragraph slider. (Similar to the alphabet slider in the Contacts app.) -Auto-scrolling (both variable-speed and tilt-based). -Customize fonts, size, colors, margins, spacing, and alignment. -Adjust font size with a pinching gesture while reading. -Night modeâ€â€-black background with white textâ€â€-allows for low-light reading. -Bookmark documents and organize them into folders. -App remembers your last location within each document. Other Apps in the DocNotes series: U.S. Presidential Speeches U.S. Presidential Speeches Pro Supreme Court Decisions Supreme Court Decisions Pro Lincoln Speeches and Analysis Teacher Activity Guides: U.S. History Teacher Activity Guides: World History Awards for Milestone Documents in American History: *Outstanding Academic Title, Choice magazine *Booklist Editor's Choice *Best Reference Source, Pennsylvania School Librarians Association


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