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Oboe Reed Maker PRO

Get valuable reed advice from America`s top oboe players and best reed makers. This app has been created by Christopher Gaudi in collaboration ...

Discontinued App


Get valuable reed advice from America’s top oboe players and best reed makers. This app has been created by Christopher Gaudi in collaboration with these great artists and is designed to be a useful tool for all oboists, from beginning reed makers to seasoned professionals. Oboe Reed Maker Pro provides an easy to use, step-by-step guide to reed making, helping to streamline the reed making process. The result - better and more consistent reeds! For further reed finishing and refinement guidance, diagnose specific reed issues with the Reed Doctor feature! The more you use this app, the more your reed making skills will continue to improve. Check out what these great oboists are saying about Oboe Reed Maker PRO . . . “Chris Gaudi makes excellent reeds: vibrant and deep, with cushioned response, easy, refined, and well in tune. I trust anything he says about the process.” -Elaine Douvas, Principal Oboe, Metropolitan Opera "We oboists are generally not the most technologically advanced but I'd venture to guess that with as brilliant an app as Chris Gaudi has produced--easy to follow, very informative, fun to use--we'll be racing to join the 21st century!" -Frank Rosenwein, Principal Oboe, Cleveland Orchestra “Chris Gaudi is an expert oboist and reed maker. I am sure that this new tool will prove useful for reed makers of all skill levels.” -Nicholas Stovall, Principal Oboe, National Symphony Orchestra “Chris is a wonderful reed maker. He understands both the fundamentals and the finer points of reed making. I have learned a great deal from his careful approach and eye for detail. I trust you will benefit from his insights as well.” -Nick Swan, former second oboe, Charlotte Symphony Orchestra Visit us: www.oboeclass.com


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