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OceanStor Anywhere是华为技术有限公司开发çš„基于移动终端çš„集成存储管理平台, 采ç
iPad作为运行终端,旨在提供更简单、更便捷çš„管理方式。 OceanStor ...

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OceanStor Anywhere是华为技术有限公司开发的基于移动终端çš„集成存储管理平台, 采ç
iPad作为运行终端,旨在提供更简单、更便捷çš„管理方式。 OceanStor Anywhere适ç
于S2200T/S2600T/Dorado 5100存储设备,可提供基于Wi-Fi网络çš„移动管理,能够查看存储系统信息、实现基本配置管理、分配存储空间和进行性能统计等。 重要:OceanStor Anywhere需要连接到华为OceanStor S2600T/S2200T/Dorado 5100存储设备,并拥有设备çš„管理账号。 OceanStor Anywhere特性: 1. 设备初始化配ç½® 您可以配置设备名称、位置信息、设备时间、ä¿®æ‹当前登录账户密码、前端主机端口属性等操作。 2. 设备部件状态监控 您可以查看存储设备管理网口、前端主机端口、硬盘、风扇、ç‵源等部件信息 3. 设备概要信息查看 您可以查看存储设备当前系统状态、故障LUN、硬盘数量、总容量、硬盘状态、已映射与未映射LUN容量分布等信息。 4. 资源分配 基于åºâ€Ã§â€¨åœºæ™¯è¿›è¡Œèµ„源分配(数据库、视频监控、文件系统、备份) 5. 性能监控 您可以监控控制器、前端主机端口、LUNçš„带宽、内存利ç
率、延时等信息。 6. 告警查看 您可以查看设备产ç‟çš„不同级别çš„告警信息。 --------------------------------------- Developed by Huawei, the OceanStor Anywhere runs on the iPad and functions as an integrated storage management platform, aiming to provide a management way more innovative and convenient. The OceanStor Anywhere is applicable to S2200T, S2600T and Dorado 5100. It provides users with mobile management through the Wi-Fi network and allows users to view storage system information, implement basic configuration, allocate storage space, and collect performance statistics. Caution: You must connect OceanStor Anywhere to HUAWEI OceanStor S2600T/S2200T/Dorado 5100 over a Wi-Fi network, and you must have a user account that is allowed to manage OceanStor S2600T/S2200T/Dorado 5100. OceanStor Anywhere has the following features: 1. Configuring device initialization You can specify a device name, device time, and device location. You are also allowed to change properties of front-end host ports and the password of the user account that have logged in. 2. Monitoring the status of components You can view information about device components, such as management network ports, front-end host ports, disks, fans, and power modules. 3. Viewing device summary information You can view information about the storage system, such as the current system status, faulty LUNs, number of disks, total capacity, disk status, capacities of LUNs that are mapped and not mapped. 4. Allocating resources Resources (databases, file systems, video surveillance, and data backup) are allocated based on actual application scenarios. 5. Monitoring performance You can monitor controllers, front-end host ports, LUN bandwidth, memory usage, and latency. 6. Viewing alarms You can view alarms of different severities generated by the storage system.


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Version: 1.2.1

Size: 30.26 MB


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Day of release: 0000-00-0

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