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OFFER ANALYZER – Real Estate Investment Tool for On-Site Offers -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Offer Analyzer ...

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OFFER ANALYZER - Real Estate Investment Tool for On-Site Offers -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Offer Analyzer is ‘the tool’ for real estate investors who buy, renovate, & resell residential properties. Make profitable on-site offers with confidence! Offer Analyzer helps you quickly identify the market value of the property, estimate renovation costs and make ‘on the spot’ offers. You’ll be amazed how many more properties you’ll purchase when you make professional offers ‘on the spot’ and with confidence. WHO USES OFFER ANALYZER? -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Offer Analyzer is valuable tool for * Professional Real Estate Investors * Real Estate Agents * Beginner Investors * Anyone looking to make on-site purchase decisions for residential properties. Make offers ‘on the spot’. The investor can quickly determine; market value, renovation/ repair costs, & holding costs to arrive at a profitable offer price for a residential property based upon key criteria including; local market data, & risk based factors. Offer Analyzer is the most comprehensive real estate investor application yet and simple to use to make accurate, timely, and most importantly, profitable real estate offers. Visit a property and make ‘As-Is’ offers quickly and with confidence! An “offer in your pocket” - for the iPhone or iPad. FEATURES -------------------------------------------------------------------------- * Make on-site offers to increase the probability of acquisitions * Establish the ‘After Repair Value’ (ARV) of the property you are evaluating by making direct comparisons with other properties in the neighborhood. * Estimate Renovation/Repair Costs on-site while visiting the subject property. * Offer Analyzer prompts you for key repairs as you walk the property to help ensure you account for all the costs. * Offer Analyzer will calculate your profit margin before making that critical offer * Configure Offer Analyzer to exactly match your local real estate market. * Dial in repair costs, closing costs, market & financial data, to suit your local market. * Take property photos on-site to store with the analysis. * Email all key criteria of the analysis and photos anywhere. * For Offer Analyzer Pro No limit to the number of properties you store. Go back and review offers for follow-up with homeowner.


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