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REMOTE CONTROL WINDOWS AND MAC ON YOUR IOS DEVICES ! Office Remote Desktop is designed for white-collar and business people.It provides most efficient ...

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REMOTE CONTROL WINDOWS AND MAC ON YOUR IOS DEVICES ! Office Remote Desktop is designed for white-collar and business people.It provides most efficient and easy-using functions for telecommuting. There are many novel designs,such as,Multi-touch Control Remote Desktop,Powerful integrated remote File Manager,Remote video monitoring,Wireless Touch Mouse,and Silent Recorder with which you will not miss your colleagues' chat. Using your iPhone/iPad to connect with your Windows PC/Apple MAC,then you can operate your computer to deal with daily office.Thus SOHO office for personal cloud-computing is created. Features: Multi-touch Remote Desktop - Real-time transfer computer displays and operating commands by living streaming,guaranteeing low latency to operate remote device conveniently; - Several resolutions to choose for optimal display; - Convenient to switch the input mode:one button to switch between touch-screen input,touch-mouse input and keyboard input; - Multi-touch interaction:click,double click,right click,drag,screen zooming,screen Scrolling,etc; Powerful Integrated Remote File Manager - You can access the shared folders on remote can copy files from remote computer to your iPhone/Pad local disk,the same upload from local disk to remote computer.Also you can read online. - Two files list mode:icon mode and details mode - Left bar is for opening folder,classifying and sorting files; - System can record the operate steps, so that you can switch to the previous or next steps; - Operate local file manager directly anytime, no need to connect a computer; - File Manager:Copy,Move,Delete,Rename,New Folder,New file,send Email as attachment,send the file to other app and so on; Live Camera - When you turn on camera and microphone in computer after connect with computer,it will transfer real-time images and sounds to your iPhone/iPad,then you can see what happened when you out,so you won't need to worry about the baby at home any more; - Support select your prefer input devices; Wireless Touch Mouse - Use your iPhone/iPad as touchpad and wireless mouse; - Support move,click,scroll and drag,and set left or right button according to your habit; - Support virtual keyboard input; Silent Recorder - Support connect with audio input device of your computer,so you can monitor the audio,and support to record audio files; - Silent Record: New design of recorder, it will record only when there is audio input, if there is no sound input, the recorder will not work; The design is taken into account the continuity of the recording,remove the silent parts. So that you can listen your partner how to discuss you. o(∩_∩)o; - Audio files can be saved into local recorder manager, so you can play them directly even when the iPhone/iPad does not connect computer; - Audio files can be exported via Email or USB; Remote Computer Connection Management - Search computers which can be connected in local area network automatically; - Support P2P connect computer between two network when you login a gmail account. So that you can control your computer in Home anywhere or control your office computer at home. - Support set the login password to protect your computer security - Support add computer informations manually to setup a connection. - P2P connect directly and do not connect to other third party server, protect your data. - Support Windows system(Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP) and Apple Mac(Mac OS X 10.7 and above) * * * Please go to the website ( to download desktop software (Office Server) installation package for your computer. * * * If you have any problems in use, please contact us(, we will response within 24 hours


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Version: 1.2.2

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