OfficeTime is an amazingly intuitive time tracker . Where other time keepers are clumsy or oversimplified, OfficeTime balances features and ease of use, ...

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OfficeTime is an amazingly intuitive time tracker . Where other time keepers are clumsy or oversimplified, OfficeTime balances features and ease of use, allowing you to easily track exactly what you do each day. Effortlessly capture your hours and expenses. Easily track your projects and life. Designed for freelancers and small teams. * Track by project and category * Multiple hourly rates * Run multiple timers * Rapidly switch tasks * Time in the background * Pay no monthly fees * Work offline. No need for WiFi or 4G Upgrade to the full version to: * Track your day from any app and the lock screen with OfficeTime in your Today view. * Track unlimited projects and categories * Export to Excel or Numbers * Report by custom dates * Sync to OfficeTime on your Mac or PC (sold separately) * Get cross team reports on your Mac / PC (sold separately) * Track your life right on your Apple Watch! * And of course, keep all of your data when you upgrade * Of course we have a 100% happiness guarantee. Contact for a “any excuse” refund. PRESS REVIEWS 5 Stars – Editor's Choice" PC Magazine “5 Stars” Tap! Magazine "Essential iPad Apps for Business" Apple "One of the best iPhone productivity apps" SimonBlog "For something as annoying as expense tracking, OfficeTime took a smart approach" Washington Post "Easy to use" Appmodo "Pick of the Week" TIPB "Tracking just got simple, fast, and effective" SvenOnTech "A valuable app" iPad Apps Reviewer "Best iPhone Apps of the Week" A FEW 5 STAR USER REVIEWS Best time tracker on the app store by dwvaughan Best non-Apple product by Karen Kirtland The best time tracker out there by b.vanham Best time tracking program ever! by Xina Text & Support Best Time Tracking App Ever!! by Dolphena Best app in it's category by UB1 Best time card App!! by Jj.Tang Best of the bunch by zukeeper416 Best time tracking app by Str793 Absolutely worth it! by Bob Ransom SUPERB! by VRlaw Perfect ! by Diarbyrag Brilliant! by Glenbo Fantasic! by JEFFREY PRICE LOVE IT by greg kimble Great app by orangestone Simple and powerful!! by Chris1234772 Simply wonderful by Workin' stiff Simple. Easy. Useful. by Mr. Zorg Outstanding Software by JennyBJ Absolutely Fabulous! by warmfuzzygrrl Highly recommendable! by Christian Egger Superb app! by Elomqerk Great App! by ArcPD Must have for consultants by Finfall Worth the Purchase Price by Ron Freeman Awesome Program by MickeyM619 Brilliant by Diarbyrag Awesome app! by Auriclus Great App! by ArcPD Highly recommend it by gfieng Freelencer's dream! by Mmv2a Finally - a perfect time tracking app by That computer services The Angry Birds of productivity apps by Snarfy Bargleboots WE CARE Contact us at Join the OfficeTime community at


Technical specifications

Version: 2.7

Size: 10.58 MB


Price: 0,00 €

Developed by Productive Monkey Ltd

Day of release: 2011-08-24

Recommended age: 4+

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