Oil Baron Black Gold

Welcome to Oil Baron (Black Gold) Game! Oil Baron Black Gold is a brand new concept amongst existing business simulation games. Establish your own oil ...

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Welcome to Oil Baron (Black Gold) Game! Oil Baron Black Gold is a brand new concept amongst existing business simulation games. Establish your own oil company, install different equipments, drill wells and earn money to become a baron. Since, establishing an oil business takes both time and patience, so we hope you do your best while establishing your own oil company at Oil Baron using wise and timely decisions. Features - Eye catchy graphics and animations - Buy 9 different types of pump-jacks in 7 seven different colored skins each - Purchase different cash bundles using the in-app purchase - Perform treatments, cleanups, services, frac jobs, horizontal drills for optimized productivity - Earn 15 different titles based on your performance - Share your title, cash amount or any other custom message using Facebook and/or Twitter - In-game day of only 2 minutes for quicker review and results - Randomly fluctuating in-game price per barrel for a real life experience - Game center integration for in-game achievements - Game center integration for leader-board - Comprehensive daily progress report - Get socialized and make friends within the app - Gas compressor for frequent reservoir cash - Land owner’s fine, just for the fun of it - Option to reset game for a fresh new start - Pleasant genre specific background score and sound effects - Increase/decrease volume for background score and/or sound effects using sound settings - Capacity to drill up to 90 wells through 15 gameplay screens - Collection center/tank battery on each gameplay screen for a more real life scenario - Animating pump-jacks throughout the gameplay - 5 different well services to generate different bonus amounts - Anticipated geology report prior to each drill - 500 OB Cash as default amount to start off the business - Thorough help and tutorial section


Technical specifications

Version: 1.6

Size: 42.89 MB


Price: 1,70 €

Developed by Suave Solutions

Day of release: 2013-01-4

Recommended age: 4+

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