Old MacDonald & Friends (ABC Theater)

We all know Old MacDonald and his famous farm of animals. But have you met his friend Eskimo Joe, who lives in the snow? Welcome to Old MacDonald & ...

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We all know Old MacDonald and his famous farm of animals. But have you met his friend Eskimo Joe, who lives in the snow? Welcome to Old MacDonald & Friends by ABC Theater – Early learning the fun way! Beginning with a song they know and love, the app takes children as young as 2 on an adventure; exploring many animals of the farm, the house, the wild, the snow and more. This truly early learning app lets the child have fun playing with each of the animals in their natural habitat and get to know them better. Successful early learning practices show that knowing several things about a single animal helps a child to memorize it. With this app your child will learn basic characteristics of each of the animals; a cow’s moo, the bear’s paw, the penguin’s foot and many more. Simultaneously, with beautiful and rich animations, they will excitedly learn to read, write and spell as the animals come to life. The child makes language discoveries as they actively participate, play and interact with the animals and explore their worlds. In this way, learning the characteristics of the animals helps the child to develop associate words, remember spelling, and helps to develop listening and comprehensive skills as well as feed their imagination. It’s an app that you can feel safe to let your child play alone or can join in and play along with them. What’s inside? 1. Old MacDonald and Friends – Play and learn the letters and the animals. ★ Old MacDonald at the farm ★ Auntie Sophie inside her house ★ Eskimo Joe in the snow ★ Ranger Ben exploring the wild ★ Playful Sam climbing a tree (Coming Soon) 2. Sing-a-long – Sing with interactive video of the original Old MacDonald song. What will your child learn? ✔ Learn 16 animal names ✔ Basic foundations of language ✔ Letter names and sounds ✔ Understanding how letters build words ✔ Write animal names ✔ Spell animal names ✔ Learn about the natural habitat of each animal ✔ Learn about the characteristics and sounds of each animal ✔ Fine motor skills ✔ Hand-eye coordination ✔ Understand the building blocks of a song Coming Soon ★ Lowercase Letters for all animals ★ Hide & Seek game ★ A new world with Playful Sam who lives in a tree (All new features will be given for no extra charge) Additional Features ★ Intuitive interface ★ Safe - No ads ★ Incentives to complete tasks ★ Musical treats ★ Playful animations to interest the child Recommended Ages: 2-5 IQurio - Love to learn Join our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/Iqurio Visit IQurio website: http://www.iqurio.com/ For support, contact us at: support@iqurio.com


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Version: 1.0

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Day of release: 2012-12-20

Recommended age: 4+

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