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* Featured as NEW & NOTEWORTHY in business apps, May 2012. * * The Premier App for collecting Email Addresses & Social Media Connections at Events ...

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* Featured as NEW & NOTEWORTHY in business apps, May 2012. * * The Premier App for collecting Email Addresses & Social Media Connections at Events & In-Store * OnSpot Social is an iPad application designed to allow business owners to collect any type of information needed from consumers at a physical location. Businesses are able to collect Facebook Likes, Twitter Followers, Customer Email Addresses or any other type of information instantly on-the-spot! OnSpot Social takes data collection to the next level and can be used with OR without a live internet connection. A variety of customized keyboards, shortcut keys, and format-checking features allow you to collect data faster and more accurately than ever before. Collect contact information, ask multiple choice questions, and request reviews/feedback. As one of the most efficient and cost effective ways to enhance your Social Media and Email Marketing Campaigns, OnSpot enables your business to “Socialize” store traffic into online followers and subscribers. With a highly customizable interface, the app is considered an all-in-one marketing device that can also be used to advertise products, services, sales events, and contests. OnSpot Social is perfect for Conferences & Trade Shows, Retail Stores, Restaurants, Athletic Clubs, Healthcare Facilities, Auto Dealerships, Colleges & Universities, and any business that interacts with consumers at a physical location. STANDARD FEATURES: Standard features are free and do not require a subscription plan. Use the standard features to promote your business by turning your iPad into a digital sign. DIGITAL SIGN & ANIMATED BILLBOARD * Upload business logo/graphic * Select from a variety of display themes * Customize Kiosk Display Message to show a special promotional offer or customer message, such as, an upcoming business event or new product that you offer * Control font size, style, and color of your Kiosk Display Message * Show Facebook, Twitter, and/or Email icons to inform customers your business has a presence SOCIAL MEDIA & EMAIL ADDRESS COLLECTION * Allow consumers to “Like” your business’s Facebook Page * Allow consumers to “Follow” your Twitter Account * Allow consumers to submit their Email Address * Send email addresses instantly to your Email Marketing Software through our integrations * Onscreen message and audio chime alert store employees on whether a connection was successful or unsuccessful CONSUMER DATA COLLECTION * Shortcut keys, customized keyboards, and preformatted input boxes enable fast and accurate data collection * Collect Phone Numbers, Addresses, Zip Codes, Birthdays, or anything you need * App checks that email addresses & phone numbers are proper format before submitting * Automatically populate mailing address based on zip code inputted * Ask multiple choice questions for surveying, preferences, and lead qualifying * Request reviews/feedback for your business PREMIUM BILLBOARD ANIMATIONS * Additional Billboard Animations included with Premium Features * Option to activate Full-screen Facebook, Twitter, and Email signup animations WEB ACCOUNT / REPORTING * Access to a personalized online web account for your business * Encrypted SSL Data Transfer for customer email address collection * Export customer email addresses & data collected to .CSV file for upload to your email marketing software * View Reports showing Total Connections collected across all iPads within your Subscription Plan MULTIPLE iPAD SYNCHRONIZATION * Control settings of multiple iPads remotely * Consolidated reporting data across multiple iPads Questions or Feedback? Email us at support@onspotsocial.com. We’d love to hear from you!


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Version: 2.1

Size: 19.83 MB


Price: $ 0.00

Day of release: 0000-00-0

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*We won´t use your data for marketing purposes, we only need to check your email

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