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One Minute Reader is a fun and effective way for students to get extra reading practice. There are six reading levels (E, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5) each featuring ...

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One Minute Reader is a fun and effective way for students to get extra reading practice. There are six reading levels (E, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5) each featuring interesting, nonfiction stories, packed with fascinating information. It's important to work in the appropriate level. Level 5 is a middle fifth-grade reading level, and the stories consist of some complex text with more advanced concepts. You can use the placement program to determine the best fit. This placement program is part of each app, including the free version of the One Minute Reader app. Reading is important for students’ success. Reading is a fundamental skill, one which adults sometimes take for granted. But many students have trouble learning to read. As they struggle to master this skill, they often find other subjects difficult too, and their self-esteem may suffer. Becoming able readers is crucial to students' success in school and in life. Struggling readers need more than just books. They need a structured reading program that applies research-based principles to keep them on track and maximize results. They need a reading program like One Minute Reader. • Engaging Content One Minute Reader features interesting, nonfiction stories, packed with fascinating information. This engaging content taps into students' curiosity, so they want to find out more. Examples of book topics are Natural Wonders, Cool Creatures, and Fun Festivals. • Develops Reading Fluency The One Minute Reader program is based on learning strategies that research has shown are effective ways to develop reading fluency: • Modeling by a fluent reader: Readers read along with a recording of a fluent reader to help them learn how to say the words and how to read in a natural voice. • Repeated reading: Readers practice reading each story several times until they know the words and can read accurately and expressively. • Enhances Vocabulary One Minute Reader includes audio-supported definitions for selected vocabulary words in the stories, which helps readers learn the meanings and pronunciations of words they may find challenging. One of four comprehension questions at the end of each story focuses on vocabulary. An optional crossword puzzle in each book gives readers additional exposure to key words from the stories. • Promotes Comprehension A quiz step asks questions about the story to make sure students think about what the story is about and the ideas in it. The questions focus on identifying the main idea, attending to details, vocabulary, and making connections in the text. • Motivating Feedback Readers see graphs of their initial cold-timing score and then of their final hot-timing score, which shows how much they've improved. Watching their scores go up motivates readers to keep working. • The Right Fit for Each Reader One Minute Reader offers books in a range of reading levels from early reader through fifth grade, so each reader can find stories that are a good fit for his or her ability.


Technical specifications

Version: 1.2.2

Size: 63.95 MB


Price: 17,54 €

Developed by Read Naturally, Inc.

Day of release: 2013-04-2

Recommended age: 4+

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