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One Rainy Day

* How did Pig get so wet? Delightful, interactive counting story. * Charming story with the perfect surprise ending. * Wonderful voicing of Valeri Gorbachev’s ...

Discontinued App


* How did Pig get so wet? Delightful, interactive counting story. * Charming story with the perfect surprise ending. * Wonderful voicing of Valeri Gorbachev’s characters. Pig arrives home totally dripping wet. Goat tries to figure out what has happened but with each question, Pig’s answers become more and more fantastical. All of this builds the counting into a fun story complete with a surprise ending that children and adults alike will all identify with. Valeri Gorbachev has been delighting children with his imaginative books for years, first in his native Ukraine, and for decades now throughout the English-speaking world. Now his work is back here as a digital app with his wonderfully quirky characters and gentle prose. The app lets children choose to read in three ways: Read it by themselves Listen as the narrator reads the story Read along with the narrator Start reading Gorbachev’s counting adventure now at no charge. Uses "in-app purchase" to read the full story. And a special bonus in this app are the “count along” voices. On the counting pages users can tap the animals to build the count, aided by the charming voices of young children. Very young readers are going to delight in trying to mimic the children’s voices counting the delightfully complicated names of “rhinoceroses” and “hippopotamuses.” This app by Readingware displays the wonderful pen-and-ink and watercolor illustrations that Gorbachev so deftly interweaves to tell the tale of Pig and Goat together, but always giving the reader a front-row seat to Pig’s ballooning tale. All of this is placed in a realistic page-turning simulation. Simply swipe to turn the pages. Tap the text to listen as voiceover artist Andrew Danish reads the story, creating wonderful voices for the characters. Better yet, read along with him. Phrase-by-phrase highlighting of the text helps children focus on the story and develop reading fluency as they read, without distracting from the story. Develop vocabulary and English proficiency. And for the very young, counting fun. One Rainy Day was first published by Philomel Books, New York. Here’s what reviewers said about that original Gorbachev book. Publishers Weekly called One Rainy Day “A romp of a counting book.” School Library Journal called it “A clever, whimsical book…” Booklist says “Wonderful large watercolor and pen-and-ink illustrations capture the action as the large creatures run for cover… With its bold pictures, humorous text, and opportunities for audience participation, this is an excellent choice for reading aloud.” Now back in app form it becomes an even better choice for reading aloud.


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