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*** KEYWORD AND CATEGORY SIMPLE NEWS SEARCH *** OneViewer is an easy and fast News Search app! Quick and easy news articles keywords search in just 2 ...

Discontinued App


*** KEYWORD AND CATEGORY SIMPLE NEWS SEARCH *** OneViewer is an easy and fast News Search app! Quick and easy news articles keywords search in just 2 easy steps. *Designed with the simplicity of Apple's Mail App. *Exclusively for the Apple iPad (with Retina support) *Works on: 2nd/3rd/4th Generation iPads and the NEW iPad mini. OVERVIEW OneViewer is a new, simple News Search for the busy, mobile user, that needs a quick and custom search without the frills. On a daily basis people read news. News searching online is mostly done using a web browser and search engine, search alerts or subscriptions to RSS feeds. Simply designed, OneViewer simplifies News Searching, with a single view, without the need to open a browser and go to a search engine and search, without the need to apply search alerts and also without the need to establish accounts to subscriptions or RSS feeds. OneViewer allows the user to search News using popular search engines, with more control by allowing keyword searching, much like on a web browser and search engine. For the layout, OneViewer is inspired by the layout of the Apple Mail app, displaying search results/articles within a left panel. When a search result/article is chosen from the results list provided, OneViewer displays the search result/article, within the right panel. SEARCH IN 2 EASY STEPS 1. Type the search keyword(s) you desire to use to search for and either tap the "Search" button on your virtual keyboard or the "Find" button on the app. News search results/articles are displayed on the left panel. 2. Now to choose your desired news search result/article just tap it, from the list provided. OneViewer will display it on the right panel. YOUR iPAD IN PORTRAIT VIEW Just like in the Apple Mail app, you can use the swipe left to right (to reveal results) and right to left (to hide the results) functions to display the news search results/articles on the left panel. This view is useful if you want more real-estate on your screen when you choose your desired news search results/article to view, which is displayed on the right panel. YOUR iPAD IN LANDSCAPE VIEW This view allows more viewing options, be keeping the news search results/articles panel fixed on the left, so when you tap on your desired news search result/article OneViewer will display it on the right panel. Using this view, you are still able to view the left panel with all your results, giving you faster browsing and paging through all the news search results/articles. Good for when you are skimming through your news and not worried to view a portrait view of your desired news. *In both Portrait and Landscape views, the usual 2x tap for zoom and tap and hold selecting,copy and paste functions are available, etc. much like in all your other apps and much like a browser. FEATURES - EASY to use interface (like the Apple Mail app) - RETINA support for the New iPad (3rd generation) - KEYWORD search using direct search engine integration - SEARCH RESULTS PANEL shows chronological search results - PUBLISHER of news articles is shown in search results - PORTRAIT VIEW search results viewed via the left-to-right swipe feature and scrollable - LANDSCAPE VIEW search results always visible, left panel fixed and scrollable - PAGING CONTROL to scroll through multiple search results pages - CATEGORY VIEW to quickly display news articles by category MORE INFO ON OUR TEAM Concept and Design by Dimitrios Zacharopoulos and Elodie Noël - DigiPROT Ltd In Partnership with Sunaxi Dharmani - CQLSys Developed by Vivek Dharmani - CQLSys


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Version: 1.4

Size: 6.02 MB


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Day of release: 0000-00-0

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