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This is a networked Planning Poker® app that may be used standalone as well as for globally distributed teams in a live physical meeting. Hence you may ...

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This is a networked Planning Poker® app that may be used standalone as well as for globally distributed teams in a live physical meeting. Hence you may connect to each other and give estimates over the internet, which gives the opportunity of having the time estimation meeting without the need to travel to a common meeting ground. Planning Poker® is a consensus-based technique for estimating development time needed in software development projects. It is most commonly used in agile software development, in particular the Extreme Programming (XP) methodology. The method was first described by James Grenning in 2002 and later popularised by Mike Cohn in the book Agile Estimating and Planning. How to use it in a physical meeting: You start the app and pick the card appropriate to each story presented and show it to the team. How to use it in networked mode: Most often it is your project manager/scrum master/meeting coordinator or similar, who sends out a message to all team members with a project number to use and a numbered range of stories to give your opinion on. You start the app and activate network mode by pressing the settings button in the bottom right corner. In the settings view you enter your name and the project code of the project you wish to participate in. It is important that everybody in the team uses the same project number to be able to vote in the same project. In addition to the offline mode the online mode always shows a progress bar which keep track of how many of the participants have finished voting in the current round.
When all users who are present in the room has finished voting you will be presented with list of all votes and an average of all the votes. A new round is automatically started and the participants can vote in the new round as soon as the team has finished discussing the result from the previous round. Have fun planning! Reference to Planning Poker®: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Planning_poker 
 Crepido Systems AB has got a license from Mountain Goat Software LLC to use the PLANNING POKER® name and method in this iPhone app. MountainGoat Software LLC is the owner of all rights, title and interests in and to the trademark PLANNING POKER® (U.S. Registration No. 3,473,287), as well as to its company name MOUNTAIN GOAT SOFTWARE (U.S. Registration No. 3,380,616), and the good title in and to copyright in the PLANNING POKER® decks of cards supplied herewith, including all text, artwork, compilation, selection and arrangement.


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