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*** Get your favorite Spinlight apps for $0.99 each, now through Dec. 27th *** Dr. Odd is back. And this time, it`s going to take an entire team ...

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*** Get your favorite Spinlight apps for $0.99 each, now through Dec. 27th *** Dr. Odd is back. And this time, it’s going to take an entire team to stop him. Introducing Operation Math: Code Squad â€â€ the new, four-player math game based on the original Parents’ Choice Award-winning app, Operation Math. Recruit up to three other Base 10 agents to join you as you decode a series of math-busting devices. Solve all the equations to disarm the device and receive a congratulatory message from Agent Prime. But be careful! Too many wrong answers and your keypad will disconnect, taking you out of the action â€â€ and putting your entire team at risk. Go head-to-head or work together to solve all the spinning equations before time slips through your fingers. In the fast-paced game that transforms solo play into a team adventure that’s fun for learners of every age. Features: - Allows simultaneous play for up to four different players - Four virtual keypads built for multi-touch action - 21 missions based on three different skill levels - All binomial addition/subtraction equations for numbers 1-20 - All binomial multiplication/division equations for numbers 1-12 - Ability to select missions based on skill level and operatives (+, -, +/-, x, ÷, x/÷ and +/-/x/÷) - Engaging narration and spy-themed soundtrack Our Child-Safety Pledge. At Spinlight Studio, we’re committed to child-safety and providing parents with the information they need to make informed purchase decisions. To learn more about our privacy policy, follow the link above, or visit spinlight.com for a detailed list of the safety features included in every Spinlight app. Operation Math Code Squad includes: * No third-party ads * No social network links * No easy web access * No in-app purchases


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