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OptionPositionCS Version 1.6 (Note - We recommend that you explore the free App OptionPosition+ before buying OptionPositionCS. See 'Comparing OptionPositionCS ...

Discontinued App


OptionPositionCS Version 1.6 (Note - We recommend that you explore the free App OptionPosition+ before buying OptionPositionCS. See 'Comparing OptionPositionCS to OptionPosition+' below) OptionPositionCS is a financial analysis App that estimates the value of a set of shares and put and call options for a particular stock. It allows the investor to explore various option hedging positions and create a portfolio that is sensitive to price and volatility fluctuations or that provides protection for various concerns. OptionPositionCS graphically illustrates the value of put protection, covered calls, call spreads, time spreads, delta neutral skew trades, iron condors, etc.. Examples of the use of OptionPositionCS to explore and display various hedging and speculative strategies are located at our website: www.OptionPosition.com. Important note on optional subscription: If you do not purchase a subscription to access stock and option data, you can access stock and option data only on these 6 stocks: AAPL, BAC, GE, GLD, SPY, and USO. If you choose to purchase the subscription for an additional charge of $2.99 for one month, then you can access all NYSE and NASDAQ stocks an unlimited number of times during the subscription period. OptionPositionCS Features: - 20 minute delayed stock and option prices for all available strike dates and strike prices - remembers 8 different portfolios each with 6 assets: ..........puts, calls, shares ..........long, short any quantity ..........all listed strike dates ..........all listed strike prices - Black-Scholes equation used to determine implied volatility and future value of put and call options - graphically displays Gain/Loss, Delta, Vega, Theta or Gamma as a function of stock price: ..........now (see black lines below) ..........at any future date up to the earliest strike date (see red lines below) ..........at assumed higher or lower volatilities (see green lines below) - scales on the graph are continuously adjustable with one and two finger moves - easily zoom in or out - diagnostics table lets you easily create a Delta neutral portfolio - annualized Euro-dollar 3 month rate used for risk free interest rate - incorporates predicted dividend payments into the Black-Scholes calculations without making a ‘fixed dividend rate’ error in Delta Comparing OptionPositionCS to OptionPosition+: OptionPosition+ has more advanced graphics features, includes better diagnostics displays, calculates the probability of gains/losses, and lists entire option chains. OptionPosition+ is free and includes a free one month subscription providing access to all NYSE and NASDAQ stocks. In contrast, OptionPositionCS costs $1.99, includes no free subscription period, but, without a paid subscription, provides access to 6 pre-selected stocks. Screen shots: For an explanation of these option positions, and more, see our website www.OptionPosition.com. Screen shots shown below (for both iPhone and iPad): 1) Gain/Loss graph for a call spread in AAPL 2) Delta graph for the call spread in AAPL 3) Assets (iPad includes Diagnostics) for the call spread in AAPL 4) Diagnostics (iPad includes Assets) for a skew neutral position in SPY - note the low Delta value 5) Delta graph for the skew neutral position in SPY


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Version: 1.6

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