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OrderSharkâ„¢ gives you fast and easy data capture in any environment. Thousands of retailers and many top companies in wholesale distribution already ...

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OrderShark™ gives you fast and easy data capture in any environment. Thousands of retailers and many top companies in wholesale distribution already use it for sales order entry. OrderShark lets you scan bar codes and UPCs, order by item number and send data remotely to an offsite database. Send data, such as sales orders to a distributor, via WiFi, 3G or 4G. If you’re a retail customer, this is the restocking app you need. If you’re a distributor, this app can help you save thousands. If you scan tickets, forms, packages or any type of bar code in the field, take a swim with this Shark. For any item you scan, OrderShark finds it in the global UPC database and gives you a description of the item without leaving the app. Retailers ordering from a distributor use the smartphones they already own. It’s also great for placing orders at trade shows. With OrderShark, you’ll build and send fast, accurate orders from anywhere. You’ll be notified that your data arrived safely. You can copy previous orders and send orders by email. - Using the iPhone’s camera, OrderShark scans any barcode type from any angle using lightning-fast proprietary scanning technology. The enterprise version scans even faster than the free version. - It reads all existing UPC types, shelf labels and QR codes, including but not limited to UPC-A, UPC-E, Code 128, Code 39, MSI and Plessey. - Review, edit, and copy previous orders. You can also send orders by email. - When you scan an item, OrderShark looks up a description on the web if the item is not in the distributor’s catalog. - Users send orders via WiFi or cellular networks. - The system provides the status of all orders including confirmation that the host received the order. - OrderShark supports international language sets for easy multilingual use. Try the free version, then contact Ai2 at 312.920.9366 for the enterprise version. The enterprise version has more features and scans faster. DISTRIBUTORS: Download the app and take a few practice orders, then contact Ai2 at 312.920.9366 or sales@Ai2.com to get set up. RETAILERS: Download the app to take a look at the functionality, then contact your distributor and tell them you want OrderShark! If your distributor already has you set up, enter your confirmation number when prompted. OrderShark is the latest in sales order entry solutions from Ai2 - we’ve also got iPad apps for sales and delivery. Visit us at www.Ai2.com for more.


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Version: 1.3

Size: 10.27 MB


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Day of release: 0000-00-0

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