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Your professional task manager for business needs - if you need to handle more than just a simple list! Organize easily handles your task lists. Straightforward ...

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Your professional task manager for business needs - if you need to handle more than just a simple list! Organize easily handles your task lists. Straightforward and really simple to use. Take snapshots of an article or flip chart, record a voice memo, or just enter some text to create a new entry. Quickly manage tasks and subtasks, sort them into projects, set review dates and - if you like GTD - assign contexts for easy review. Organize has been built with professionals and business users in mind, so you never run out of powerful features to handle even large company projects. Organize supports modern PM ideas like AID or RACI to structure and delegate your tasks. And with the built-in sync feature you can access your tasks with Organize for Windows, Mac, iPhone or iPad. This is a Limited Edition: up to 7 Projects and 15 Contexts. All other features of Organize:Pro are available. Get started now! - Capture your ideas and tasks - quick and easy, wherever you are! - Review and process your tasks - prioritize, delegate or share your tasks - Complete your tasks - and keep track of the results Easily create new tasks - Text, Picture, Audio - Quick-Add to create text entries - Assign priorities, notes, contexts, review dates - Manage repeating tasks - Create subtasks easily by drag and drop Organize your tasks - Create subtasks by drag and drop - Assign an unlimited number of contexts to each task - Add comments with formatting and links - Color code special tasks - Unlimited number of subtasks - Mark and filter entries as Action, Information or Decision (AID) - Delegate or manage tasks for your team based on RACI Powerful review features - Powerful date based review - Project Dashboard shows the most important projects at a glance - Review by date, project or context - Share task lists with others Project Handling - Supports Projects, Meetings and Folders - Project Status: Active, On Hold, Cancelled, Completed - Traffic Light: Green, Yellow Red - Define defaults for tasks created in a Project - Color code special Projects - Unlimited number of Subprojects Context Handling - Easily convert Address Book entries into Contexts - Assign locations to your Contexts - Color code special Contexts - Unlimited number of Subcontexts All the basics covered - Sync with Organize for iPhone, iPad, Mac and Windows - Integrated preview for attachments (web links, images, audio) - Really fast search feature - Quick access to completed tasks - Multiple sorting options for projects, contexts and task lists - Enhance/collapse sub-projects and sub-contexts - Choose from different interface themes and colors Organize is easy to use for beginners, but it’s real beauty and power unfolds the more you use it. Organize is built around great task and project management ideas that evolved over several decades of organizational theory, like GTD, RACI or AID. This helps you to cut complex situations down to what really matters. And much more - Enhanced task lists to get a better overview (i.e. in-place view of project and context with each task) - Enhanced sync with Organize for Windows, Mac, iPhone or iPad - Customize the Project Dashboard and add your own projects - Color code special tasks - Customize Organize startup settings (preselect a list to display on startup etc.) - And much more…. For a complete feature list have a look at our web site.


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