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Orion iPos is Restaurant Management System application for iPod and iPhone devices. Orion POS systems have many useful feature such as order, sales, ...

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Orion iPos is Restaurant Management System application for iPod and iPhone devices. Orion POS systems have many useful feature such as order, sales, cost control, reporting and accounting integrations. Orion POS is one of the best software for restaurant, cafe, bar, hotel, fast-food, delivery services, takeaway, patisserie, bakery, club, resort etc. System Login Info on demo, The demo accounts and their passwords are below (to sign in enter only password), Cashier Level(All functions), Ahmet Pass: 1 Mehmet Pass: 2 Waiter Level(No discount, no payment and close check, no void, only makes transaction on their own checks) Mustafa Pass: 3 Onur Pass: 4 Bahadir Pass: 5 Tufan Pass: 6 QUICK HELP: Buttons: - MASA(Table): Enter table number with keypad on the screen and press MASA button to open check, also you can use alphanumeric table number such as A1, B12, 23. - Masasız Satis(Fast transaction): To open check without table number. - Fonksiyon(Function): Other System functions button. - Tum Acik Cekler(All open checks): To view all open checks on the system. - Acik Ceklerim(My checks): To view open checks that belongs to signing user only. - CIKIS(Exit): Log off the current user. Transaction Functions: - Mobil Info(Mobile Info): Info about your IP. - Yazici Profilleri(Printer Profiles): To printer settings. Sales Screen Buttons: - Menu Item Family Group Buttons(light blue like Kebaplar): To view menu items in group. - Menu Item Button(white): To sale menu item. - Islem Iptal(Cancel transaction): Unsave and exit. - Iptal(Void): Void menu item, condiment, discount or payment. - Fonksiyon(Function): Other check functions. - Gonder(Send): Siparis Gonder(Only save), Hesap (Save and print). Save the entries. - Ilave(Condiment): Add condiments to menu item. - Acik Giris(Open food):To add a desired name and price to menu item. - Açık Mesaj(Open condiment message): To add a desired name to condiment. - Indirim(discount): To make discount. - Odeme(payment): To make payment and close check. Sales Screen Functions: - Kuver(Cover): Number of person. - Masa No Degistir(Change table number): To change table number. - Transfer(Transfer): To add checks each other or to transfer menu items between checks. - Masa Bol(Seperate check): To seperate checks by item. - Personel Cek Transfer (User check transfer): Check transfer between users - Cek Info(Check Info): To add info to check.


Technical specifications

Version: 4.2.8

Size: 8.57 MB


Price: 0,00 €

Developed by Tekfonet Ltd.

Day of release: 2012-03-15

Recommended age: 4+

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