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** This is the iPad only version of Outliner. Outliner is now a Universal app, so new users should purchase that version instead. Please contact us for ...

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** This is the iPad only version of Outliner. Outliner is now a Universal app, so new users should purchase that version instead. Please contact us for any questions. Thanks! ** CarbonFin Outliner allows you to organize your thoughts, tasks, and projects. Easily create a todo list for today, or track an entire project anywhere you are. Share your outlines, edit them online, and collaborate with other Outliner users. Highlights - Create outlines full of notes, structured lists, tasks, or detailed projects - Sync your outlines to Outliner Online or Dropbox for web or desktop editing - Get a quick view of project progress - tasks with subtasks show a pie-chart indicating percent completed Organize - Search through all your outlines or an individual outline - Tag your outlines, and filter based on tag - Archive old outlines to hide them from view without deleting Easy-to-use Editor - Drag and drop to move items within an outline - Copy, paste - Undo, redo - Expand all, collapse all - Optional outline numbering Outliner Online - Securely synchronize your outlines with Outliner Online - View and edit your outlines in any web browser - Import and export outlines as plain text or OPML - Keep all your devices synchronized - Share an outline with other Outliner users to collaborate Dropbox - Sync your outlines with Dropbox to allow quick import/export - Seamlessly access and edit across your iOS devices and PCs -= Recent version history =- Version 3.4 - iOS7 support Version 3.3 - Univeral app - Added an option to automatically delete empty items when they lose focus Version 3.2 - UI polish and bug fixes Version 3.1 - Publish an outline and share the URL for anyone to view - URL scheme so that Outliner can be launched from other apps (see help for details) - When a filter is applied, the selected tag is automatically applied to new outlines - iOS 6.0 support, and iPhone 5 tall screen support - Backspace in an empty item will unindent, Tab will indent - Bug fixes and minor enhancements - iOS 4.3 or higher is now required Version 3.0 - Dropbox support - Updated account settings UI - Support for retina iPad display - iOS 4.0 or higher is now required Version 2.7 - Import OPML from an email - Tap and hold an outline item to get the cut/copy/paste menu - Added "no tag" as a filter option - Online Help is now displayed within the app Version 2.6 - Tagging of outlines - Ability to mark an outline as "archived" - Filtering of outlines by tag/archived - Copy/paste will now allow pasting into other applications - Added a "simple text" email format, useful for copy/paste into other apps - Swipe to delete will give you the option to delete a tree - After syncing, the previously selected outline will be selected again (iPad only) - Bug fixes


Technical specifications

Version: 3.4.1

Size: 1.34 MB


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Day of release: 0000-00-0

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