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Alternative Plan B to RBT. Getting you & your car home safely within A.C.T. Prestige (Corporate) Dial a Driver specializes in getting you, your passengers ...

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Alternative Plan B to RBT. Getting you & your car home safely within A.C.T. Prestige (Corporate) Dial a Driver specializes in getting you, your passengers and your vehicles home safely to your loved ones. What a perfect way to end the evening.! If you’ve driven your vehicle to a venue, and realise when it’s time to go home, that you’ve probably consumed over the legal limit - Give us a call. (Prebooking is advised, to ensure the arrival of our Driver at the designated time you prefer). If you’re a prepared person who likes to have your evening planned, book us online prior to leaving home, simple. Alternatively you can book us via our Phone App, which can be downloaded from our website prior to your leaving home for the evening. Prestige D.A.D is the first dial a driver Company in Australia to offer our valued clients the ease of booking from our Phone App. The purpose of our service is to assist in getting you home safely, helping to make our ACT roads safer, and ensuring your evening is an enjoyable one and safe one, right to your front door. Making it easy and convenient for you, and to make your time spent with us, a memorable and enjoyable one. Simply give us a call or book on line (recommended), with your location and desired pickup time, and a team of two professional drivers will be there to meet you. We also offer the option for ladies, to request another female driver for their comfort and ease on your journey home. If you have a favourite Driver, book in advance and request them. Our aim is to assist in making your experience with us an enjoyable one. Some of our popular services Planning for a big occasion and need a driver? Weddings, Family events, Corporate functions, Sporting events or dinners, we have a service to suit every need. If you have several vehicles in one location and need to get everyone to the next location or home safely, simply give us a call or book online with the details of your event, and leave it to us to take care of the rest while you just enjoy the occassion with peace of mind that you’ve booked your Plan B to RBT. Our Customer Service As part of our prestige service, we will contact you to notify of the time expected before our driver arrives. If you have pre - booked you will be given a 30 min reminder call of our drivers arrival for dispatch. Our Driver will also give you a courtesy call to notify when they are 5 minutes away, so you can prepare by saying your farewells to friends, family and colleagues. Our driver will notify you on arrival and where applicable, they will meet you at the door or reception area. After a night out at your local Restaurant or bar, give us a call anytime in the evening before you are ready to leave, and we will be there. If you are a lady out on the town on your own, we will endeavour to reach you as soon as possible, and our driver will escort you to your vehicle to ensure your safety. We recommend where and when applicable, that ladies stay within the crowds, within an establishment, until our drivers have arrived. They will provide you with an updated phone call to notify of their arrival outside of the establishment / venue. There is always safety in numbers ladies, and you will be safer within the public eye rather than waiting in a poorly lit area i.e. within carparks or side streets.


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