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Bookman Pro is the super fast PDF/Comic reader that is optimized for reading scanned PDF and Comic book archive files. Bookman has been downloaded by ...

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Bookman Pro is the super fast PDF/Comic reader that is optimized for reading scanned PDF and Comic book archive files. Bookman has been downloaded by more than 750,000 users. #2 in the AppStore utilities category. #9 in the AppStore paid ranking in Japan. Recommended at the top of the Education and Study section in the book "iPhone Apps the Best II Complete Edition." Selected as one of the best PDF Readers in TopBestThings.com. Selected as Editor's Choice Comic Reader in iOS app advice. Selected as Must Have Comic Reader in AppAdvice.com. Features: - After complete optimization, Bookman's rendering engine turns pages very quickly without any slow downs. - You can download eBooks from websites with a built-in web browser. - The handwriting feature allows you to highlight the important parts of sentences, and save it to review later. - Contains online bookshelves for downloading, uploading, and moving and renaming files on DropBox. - Full page thumbnails. - Password lock (Supports both startup and bookshelves) - Turns pages fast with continuous rapid tapping. - Fancy bookshelves mode and file list mode - Customized display layout such as two full page spreads, individual pages and scroll mode on each book. - The zoom function supports both pinch gesture and double tapping. - Detailed rendering mode. - Fast keyword search with the ability to highlight search results. (Supports vertical lines). - Multiple bookshelves. (Supports layer structures). - Moving, deleting and renaming files and bookshelves. - Bookmarks - History - Page Resume feature. (Saves the page when the book is closed) Supported File Types: - Supports PDF, ZIP,RAR, CBR, and CBZ. - Supports graphic file types in compressed files: JPG, PNG, BMP, GIF, TIFF, ICO, CUR and XBM. - In PDF files, supports menus, links, rotation and crop information. - Automatic detection of URL from PDF files scanned with OCR software. File Sharing/Transfer: - File sharing by email - Ability to transfer all files at once by FTP - File sharing by iTunes - Open files with OpenIn from other applications - Open other applications with OpenIn from Bookman Various Customization: - Effects on turning pages (Flip, Slide, and Fade) - Interface color - Background color - Tap zone customization - URL links display - Page number display - Rotation lock - Brightness - Customize other features Recommended Features: - The handwriting feature is very useful for studying or reviewing written notes. The pages can be viewed in the order they were highlighted or written on.


Technical specifications

Version: 3.4

Size: 20.34 MB


Price: 2,79 €

Developed by MobiRocket, Inc.

Day of release: 2011-05-19

Recommended age: 17+

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