The iPhone pocket scanner that scans, converts and sends. It's as simple as that. File Sharing and printing via AirPrint was included in version 2.0. ...

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The iPhone pocket scanner that scans, converts and sends. It's as simple as that. File Sharing and printing via AirPrint was included in version 2.0. In version 2.5.x we added Document sharing. This means, for example, you can open a mail attachment in PDF-It and PDF-It documents in other apps. It also views various other types of files such as, MS Word, Excel, text and the list goes on. So, PDF-It continues to be a "must have" utility. It integrates with other apps via the "Open in" feature. So for example, if you have Dropbox's app you can copy files to and from PDF-It and Dropbox. It allows you to select or take a photo, convert them to a PDF file and email or print it (must have the green check mark icon on the right). Designed as a quick and easy way to scan and store documents it allows you to go "all digital" and not have to save various paper documents. No need to tear pages from magazines or newspapers for later reference, or have piles of paper waiting to be filed. Simply take a photo or several photos, the app converts all of them into a multi-page PDF. Then to store it digitally you can email it, print it or save it on your computer via iTunes file sharing. GREAT FOR: * Capturing white boards * No need to check out library documents * Receipt archiving for "road warriors" * Saving business cards * Transfer and have access to all your important files. * You'll never need a photocopier or fax machine again. PLEASE NOTE: * THIS VERSION REQUIRES iOS v7.x * Does not support iPad (coming soon) * To enable printing to any printer (including non-Airprint enabled printers) please see my blog at http://www.cocoalena.com/blog.html FEATURES: * Create multi-page PDF files containing the photo or an image from your library and a description * File Sharing via iTunes * Print or email files * Images are adjusted for optimal size * Enter a description of the image and it will also be converted into a PDF. Don't enter a description and only the image is converted. * Select high, medium or low image resolution * Image thumbnails * View images, PDFs and other shared files * Zooming * Option to add new photo to iPhone photo library * Print your PDF to any Airprint printer or any printer (see my blog at http://www.cocoalena.com/blog.html) * NO FANCY FEATURES THAT EITHER DON'T WORK OR YOU NEVER USE * NO ANNOYING ADS!!! * NO IN APP PURCHASES!!! ONCE INSTALLED, UNLIMITED USE. Please let me know how you like the app and send me suggestions you'd like to see in the next version.


Technical specifications

Version: 2.5.4

Size: 363.21 KB


Price: 2,53 €

Developed by Cocoalena Software

Day of release: 2010-09-3

Recommended age: 4+

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