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This is the free 'try before you buy' version of Pdf Review. Pdf Review is an annotation tool for pdf that has an ordered list containing the feedback ...

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This is the free 'try before you buy' version of Pdf Review. Pdf Review is an annotation tool for pdf that has an ordered list containing the feedback and notes without obfuscating the original pdf. It supports the full review workflow. Reviewers can easily add feedback with a single tap and send an organized report to the author. The author can merge all feedback into a single list and assign actions to them. The free version has limited functionality like the restriction on the number of feedback per review. Reviewing can be a cumbersome task. Creating a spreadsheet with feedback where the line numbers have to match the numbers in the document. Browsing through the sheets and document for the feedback being discussed in the meeting. Collecting all feedback and ordering them manually by page and line number. To make reviewing more productive Pdf Review was created. It will keep the feedback and notes organized and relates to the document without the need of line numbers. Selecting the feedback from the list will automatically show the correct page and a highlighted area where the feedback applies. A review report will be generated and can be send to the author. Ordering the feedback from multiple reviewers will be done automatically when they are imported into Pdf Review. The organized list of notes and the ability to add comments for the whole document makes Pdf Review not only useful for reviews but also for writing a summary or cheat sheet while studying or reading pdf documents. Feedback from users: * A great application / business tool. I have just used this app to review 4x200+ page Tech design documents and it has saved me a lot of time and the authors were impressed with me providing an indexed snapshot of the pages relating to the comments ( it will also save them time). * Because of its simplicity and clarity a convenient way for reviewing! * Very useful, especially the sorted list with feedback. It's more useful for reviewing than other annotation applications. Features * Easy interface for adding feedback, highlight the line or area you want to add feedback and type the text * Sorted and grouped list of feedback without overwriting the text of the pdf document * Different kind of feedback: Issues, Questions and Notes * Easy navigation; selecting the feedback from the list will show the correct page and location where the feedback applies * Send a structured review report containing the feedback and the annotated pages * Import feedback from other reviewers * Assign actions to feedback * Review information with status, creation date, number of feedback, etc. * Write a summary for the whole document. Useful while studying or reading a book. * Import and export with e-mail, Dropbox and iTunes file sharing


Technical specifications

Version: 2.4

Size: 2.17 MB


Price: 0,00 €

Developed by Sander Weltje

Day of release: 2011-05-6

Recommended age: 4+

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