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NOW WITH THE LATEST PDG! ALL YOUR PDG NEEDS ARE HERE! WHY PAY MORE? PDG PROmote - The USAF Professional Development Study Guide is an application aimed ...

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NOW WITH THE LATEST PDG! ALL YOUR PDG NEEDS ARE HERE! WHY PAY MORE? PDG PROmote - The USAF Professional Development Study Guide is an application aimed to prepare Airmen who are taking the Air Force Promotion Fitness Examination (PFE) and the USAFSEâ€â€United States Air Force supervisory examination. Its sole source of reference is AFPAM 36-2241, Professional Development Guide, 1 OCTOBER 2013. Just select the appropriate study guide for the promotion grade that you are testing for and begin studying! NOW WITH MULTIPLE CHOICE QUESTIONS! We heard your requestsâ€â€thanks for the feedback. All test questions have been transposed to multiple-choice. Users can choose between flashcard or multiple choice formats. New Feature! Add and view many popular file types from within the app. You can now add your own personal documents and study notes for convenient in-app viewing. All the study material is in question/answer format broken down into chapters and sections and referenced according to their chapter and paragraph number. Hyperlinks are used in the larger sections to help better facilitate the blocks of information. In addition, to help support some of the question/answers, notes are provided throughout along with Helpful Hints to aid in memory recall. All multiple-choice test questions and answers are referenced according to their chapter and paragraph number as well. Random multiple-choice questions test each section and chapter. Your progress is measured throughout the course. Once the course is completed a comprehensive random test in multiple-choice format will measure course comprehension. The entire AFPAM 36-2241 reference is reformatted for easy reading or referencing on a phone-sized display. This study guide was built using ForceReadiness.com's rock-solid M-Training System. ForceReadiness.com spent a great deal of time developing its M-Training System, and it shows. Here are the benefits: (a) Ease-of-Use. Do you find your blood pressure rising using some mobile apps?-so do we. You can end your frustrations now. We spent nearly as much time thinking about the user experience as we did actual development. (b) Superior Feedback. All of your study and test progress can be viewed at a mere glance. (c) Reliability. You expect the software you buy to work well-so do we. (d) Comprehensive. There are over 4000 questions in the question/ answer/ flashcard format with multiple choice tests to measure comprehension. Each paragraph in AFPAM36-2241 was addressed and evaluated for possible test question(s). (e) E-mail progress. You can send your study progress to your supervisor.


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