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PEU: World Academy Online.

Pan-European University, founded in 2004, is among the leading private educational establishments in Central Europe. It offers education in economics, ...

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Pan-European University, founded in 2004, is among the leading private educational establishments in Central Europe. It offers education in economics, law, informatics, mass media and psychology, as well as delivers postgraduate education to professionals in various areas of expertise. University’s academic offers go beyond the classical vision of education and implement the modern methods of e-learning. World Academy Online is one of the learning tools, which Pan-European University offers to its students and everyone who seeks to receive easily accessible professional knowledge. It redefines the mobile business education experience, providing a complete MBA learning resource to budding professionals on the go. Discover this powerful tool and begin learning the fundamental skills necessary to succeed in the world of business today. Courses range from introductory surveys with general professional terms, to more advanced courses focusing on applied concepts specific to business, management, or finance. Furthermore each course includes a complete course text as well as study aids. Each of the 40 courses included in World Academy Online is based on the proprietary Learning To-Go system, which combines complete course texts, interactive flashcards and comprehensive tests combined with an array of other user-friendly features. App Features: - Сourse text divided by chapters - All-encompassing term and concept reference options - Interactive flashcards for subject review - Comprehensive chapter-level tests - Explanations of right and wrong answers - Possibility to make bookmarks - Glossary Courses: - Financial Concepts And Tools For Managers - Managing For Competitive Advantage - The Pocket MBA: Concepts And Strategies - Managing The Marketing Process Course - Information Systems And Technology For Managers - Analyzing Cost Data For Management Course - Applied Operations Management: Manufacturing And Services - Strategy Management: Concepts And Tools - How To Organize And Run A Small Business - Sales Management - Effective Business Communications - Managing And Improving Your Cash Flow - Economic Analysis For Business And Strategy Decisions - Basic Business Essentials: Concepts And Tools - Legal Environments Of Business - Understanding And Managing Organizational Behavior - Business Math - Revenue Recognition: Rules & Standards - Pocket CFO - Modern Supervision - Profiting From Financial Statement - Accounting For Management: Concepts And Tools - The Sarbanes-Oxley Act And Corporate Governance - Cost Management: Accounting And Control - Internal Controls And Fraud Prevention - 101 Financial Solutions - Accounting & Finance Course - Accountant’s Guide To Financial Management - Financial Management Of Multinational Corporations - Pocket Financial Consultant - Analyzing Annual Corporate Reports - Financial Essentials For Not-For-Profit Managers - A Complete Guide To Investing - Financial Valuations - Financial Forecasting - Real Estate Financing And Investing - Real Estate: Accounting And Mathematics - E-Commerce: Applications For Cyberspace Technology - Personal Financial Planning - Understanding The Economy. World Academy Online is developed by the market leader INTERSOG based on the work of Professor and best-selling author Dr. Jae K. Shim. Promoted by ComboApp Marketing & PR Agency http://comboapp.com


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