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POS Lavu – restaurant point of sale (POS) Lavu, Inc. POS Lavu is a full-featured, affordable Point of Sale with Business Management tools - saving ...

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POS Lavu - restaurant point of sale (POS) Lavu, Inc. POS Lavu is a full-featured, affordable Point of Sale with Business Management tools - saving time and money. CLOUD computing + WIRELESS technologies + INTUITIVE interface = the easiest to learn, most powerful POS available If you already have a POS Lavu account, simply download this application and login to get started! - Full Featured Business Tools - Designed to accommodate national restaurant chains as well as individual mobile food trucks, nightclubs and coffee shops, POS Lavu was the very first full-featured restaurant POS App in the App Store and continues to lead the revolution in innovation and integration. With detailed reports, mobile ordering processing and wireless printing all working in sync, POS Lavu is much more than an App. It is a smart, complete solution that fulfills a wide range of Point of Sale needs. - BENEFITS of using POS Lavu - •Easy to Learn - simple, intuitive interface •No Contracts - cancel any time •Language Packs - translations available •Mobile and Wireless - Increased efficiency and sales Using this App, your Restaurant staff can clock in, place orders, perform customer checkouts, email receipts and more. The sleek and user-friendly interface allows you to take and send orders and perform guest checkouts wirelessly throughout the restaurant. This eliminates the need to run tickets to the kitchen which allows for more server time at the table - which leads to higher sales! POS Lavu client allows you to interact with your POS Lavu point of sale system using your iPad, iPod Touch and iPhone devices. Using the POS Lavu web portal, you can change the layout of your restaurant, change the menu and perform other administrative functions online. Any changes you make through the portal are reflected within the POS Lavu client App. This type of control makes your restaurant more efficient, flexible and independent. **** This App is for use with the POS Lavu Point of Sale System **** **** This App requires an internet connection **** **** Setting up printers or other devices to work with POS Lavu requires some basic IT skills ****


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