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“Evaluate Real Estate Successfully” PPM- Flip is the most comprehensive and powerful real estate investment (i.e. property flipping) software available ...

Discontinued App


“Evaluate Real Estate Successfully” PPM- Flip is the most comprehensive and powerful real estate investment (i.e. property flipping) software available for the iPhone. As a real estate investor you need a tool that consolidates real time information to help you make the best-informed decisions that will help maximize your profit. THE CHALLENGE: Buying and Selling Real Estate can be a profitable business, however it is easy to over look expenses that can quickly add up and result in huge losses. If you are interested in or are currently in the business of flipping real estate properties for profit then you need a tool that will process relevant property information on the spot to help you make important financial property decisions. THE SOLUTION: PPM-Flip provides the tools real estate investors look for when trying to assess whether to purchase a property flip and evaluate profit potential. Use PPM-Flip throughout the entire real estate flipping process (i.e. from purchase to sale) and reduce your probability of buying a lemon and paying too much for a property or selling a property for too little profit. This app takes into consideration all of the relevant cost variables and quickly runs the numbers and financial metrics. You can use this App to help you invest at live foreclosure auctions or in your local real estate market for short sales, REO properties, MLS listings, or commercial property. THE USERS: Real estate investor(s), teams, or groups to analyze deals before buying or selling a property. Real estate brokers, agents, and lenders. Short sale, wholesale and foreclosure investors, Contractors, or homebuyers thinking of buying a fixer upper house. STANDARD VERSION: -Generate an Offer Price (i.e. how much to pay for a property). -Generate a Net Profit or Net Loss -Edit values and save changes for a single property. -Change holding period from 0 to 12 months and all numbers instantly update. -Take a photo and store it with the property. -View a map of the property. -Built-in 1st and 2nd mortgage calculator with payment schedules. -International Metric calculator to convert Square Feet into Square Meters UPGRADE TO ADVANCE OR PRO WITHIN THE APP ADVANCE VERSION EXTRAS: -Save multiple property evaluations and what if scenarios -Choose from a list of cost determining factors -Itemize your costs -Unit cost for Rehab costs -Multiple Resale Price Comparison Chart -Property Notes -Email PDF performance projections to clients, lenders, or investment partners PRO VERSION EXTRAS: -Evaluate Multi-Unit and Commercial Properties -Save unlimited property evaluations and what if scenarios -Email branding allowed based on industry type (Investor, Lender, and Realtor) -Co-market and promote your key business partners -Create your own buy, hold and sell costs and unit costs -Add from a list of existing relevant costs -Send & Sync your file to other PPM user’s and devices -Create your own personal and company information -Add multiple photos with captions -Create your own property portfolios -Compare multiple properties with an ROI Property comparison chart -APR compliant feature for lending professionals. -Create your own legal disclaimer for property reports Even if you are a just curious about making money in flipping properties you can’t afford to be without this comprehensive flipping calculator and tool. Find the property, enter in your numbers, evaluate your financial metrics, and make a decision. You will know immediately if the property makes sense to pursue or forgo. You are in control of your own real estate investing financial destiny with PPM-Flip. Don’t loose money! Make money CONTACT: For any questions, problems, or feature requests email me us at support@bzarapps.com


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