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PSM-i  (PowerSight Manager software for the iPad) -  a power monitoring app for PowerSight power meters and analyzers from Summit Technology, Inc. ...

Discontinued App


PSM-i  (PowerSight Manager software for the iPad) -  a power monitoring app for PowerSight power meters and analyzers from Summit Technology, Inc. PSM-i turns the iPad into a comprehensive power monitoring tool for all types of power studies; i.e. data logging and load studies at panels, facility energy audits, harmonics measurements, and power quality investigations. With PSM-i users can communicate via wireless communications with PowerSight power monitors (models PS2500, PS3500, PS 4500) to view power waveforms, control the setup of meters, and download recorded data for analysis. Users can see waveform data in real-time, like an oscilloscope, as well as view long term log graphs like a chart recorder.  When used with the PowerSight PS4500 Power Quality analyzer, power disturbance events are displayed in detail. Users can create final reports in pdf format with tables and graphs using the report writer utility, and email final reports and/or the recorded data files for sharing or for exporting into Excel etc. Safety of electrical workers is much enhanced. PSM-i provides relief from wearing cumbersome safety equipment for long periods. Users can set up analyzers and verify their connections and operation from a safe distance via wireless communications.  This allows the removal of visors, hooded suits, and thick gloves after the meter is installed, and when operator is at a safe distance - up to 25 feet away. To provide a better user experience, the app has wizards to simplify and guide the operator through the setup of power studies, e.g: Basic Data Logging, Energy Audits, Harmonics, Power Quality or Comprehensive (all aspects of power) that ensure success in every study. With PSM-i you can, remotely: Setup and control a PowerSight meter Use the pre-configured power study wizards for all types of power studies Create customized setup configurations that can be saved and recalled Check for connection errors View meter front panel display for spot measurements, like a multimeter View waveforms and phasors in real time, with continuous sweep or hold features View all power parameters in digital and analog real-time meters, in text form or graphics Save a screen with snapshot feature Log data to the iPad as well as to the meter Download recorded data View log graphs and charts View power disturbance events Create and customize final reports in pdf Email reports Email raw data log files


Technical specifications

Version: 1.0.6

Size: 7.52 MB


Price: 0,00 €

Day of release: 0000-00-0

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